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Is that what they used to call it? The sprawl of American corporate influence? I think they need to update that to Starbucksization.

But I digress. The important point I'm making here is that while window shopping, I found the London Apple store! It's like reaching the promised land. But better, because the Apple store has internet and Top 40 music, whereas, at least to my understanding, the promised land does not.

Speaking of religion, most of you all know I am not religious in any sense. But I attended a service at St. Paul's Cathedral the other day and it was actually quite nice. It was surprisingly cool - the sermon was on 'Jazz and Christianity', so the pianist would play a piece and then the priest (pastor?) would preach on how it relates to the good book. And he played some Ella Fitzgerald and Bessie Smith and it was all very upbeat. But even without the soundtrack, it was still a good lecture. I did feel more warmly towards my fellow man. Especially this couple sitting behind me because they were really good at the singing - harmonization and everything. I also like how the church gives you a program so you know what's going on. And have the lyrics.

Also, I made a friend yesterday! One that continued to talk to after giving directions. It must have been the influence of all that preaching. She was this Canadian girl training to work on a cruise ship in London on her day off - But we hung out all day and even though I've been having fun sightseeing alone it was nice to have continuous conversation with another person. You know, in case I forget how. She said 'eh' a lot, so that was fun.

I bought a ticket to Belgium for next Monday, so the plan continues to develop. I haven't really blogged about the sightseeing because it's pretty textbook and also because it would be boring. There are actually a lot of major sights I have not seen or saw only parts of. Like the British Museum today - I spent hours there this morning, but I really just went to the exhibits I was interested in. Which is a nice part of traveling alone - I don't feel like I have to do things just to check them off. If I decide something is overrated, I do not go. Like Buckingham Palace, which I have not even seen since I've been here, although I've managed to visit two Indian suburbs and attend a Bangra curry festival.

Speaking of the British Museum, if I was ever elected PM, my first act would be to change the name to the Museum of Objects Pillaged from Other Cultures During 300 Years of Imperialism and After. I certainly wouldn't make it a focal point of the campaign, but it would have priority.

winstonlee says:
The good thing is there is no admission charge to the British Museum. And the British are decent enough to keep the looted treasures in a reasonably good condition, not like in China which once tried to destroy everything old and valuable. And now charges a sky high price to see whatever being left.
Posted on: Sep 28, 2006
oddrey says:
i know, i know, but LJ doesn't have a map! nor would i like to edit previous blogs. you'll deal, i have faith.

also, i clearly lack the red blood because i cannot hear the canadian accent. we can compare when we're both back in california.
Posted on: Sep 20, 2006
secretaryofsoul says:
wtf audrey, this is so not lj-accessible it's crashing my world.

1. canadians with accents sometimes think they don't have accents. every red-blooded american can hear a pink-blooded canadian from 5 miles. i wish i had pink blood.

2. belgian beer=lucky audrey
Posted on: Sep 20, 2006
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