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I have spent the past few days in the five tiny towns that make up Cinque Terre.  I knew they were going to be small, but I was kind of thinking population: 20,000 small.  Not population: 200 small.  5 Terre is so small, there was only internet in ONE of the five towns.  Hence, why I had to leave after four days.  Well, technically three towns have internet access, but two of them were closed for the winter.

That's another thing - I know other things close during the off-season, and that's fine.  But in 5 Terre, restaurants and the tourist info office and GROCERY STORES close.  Also, not only is the internet limited to one town, only TWO of the five towns have a store where you can buy international phone cards.  How do they communicate with the outside world?

In spite of (or maybe because of) the lack of connection, the towns are beautiful.  I wore a skirt and flip flops for the first time in months.  There were beaches!  There was hiking!  There were exactly twelve other tourists and I knew all of them by the end of my first day.  A Chinese family, a couple from LA who wore USC baseball caps, four college students from DC, two English girls, and me.  I was ''the one who stays with Lorenzo!''  And the people were really nice and they drove cute little trucks since few of them had real cars and little old grandpas actually said ''Ciao, bella'' all the time. 

It was also full of cats, which bothered me for two days before I realized, duh, these are fishing towns.

But all in all, there were good times to be had.  I didn't have to pile on the layers, I hiked and sat on the beach all day, there was good food, and I slept possibly more than I ever have in my life.  Good thing I'm going to the French Riviera soon so I can repeat this formula for success.

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Cinque Terre
photo by: Eric