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 A lot of people have been asking what made me decide to take this trip.  While it was partly the impetus of seeing the world and learning about people, it was mostly the fact that Bonnie and I were about to lose our rent-controlled sublet.  As those of you who live in a metropolitan area know, this was a tragedy of epic proportions, leading to a month-long search for housing, which prompted Melinda to say at lunch one day, "Why don't you just quit your job and travel?  Then you won't need to find a new apartment."  Audrey's Pros - Good listener.

Trying to put everything I think I'll use for 7 months in one bag while simultaneously cleaning out the childhood room certainly puts a lot of things in perspective.  Things you can't live without - dental floss, water, running shoes.  Things you say you'll use but know you won't - lotion, makeup, textbooks.  Things you can't bear to throw away - letters, books, random items that you can't quite identify but might be extremely important and sentimental.  It's like that book, 'The Things They Carried'.  Except the weight of my bag implies not so much emotional burden but the fact that I get cold easily and brought half of my sweaters, jackets, and turtlenecks just in case 45 degree weather is too much to handle.

A few logistical details for interested readers: 

I have a Flickr account that you can check for photo updates.  Right now, it's mostly photos of food I ate during my last week in San Francisco.

And since I never mentioned it, the agenda (task sheet TBA):

Sept - England, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany
Oct - Germany, Scandinavia, Poland
Nov - Czech and  Slovak Republics, Hungary, Croatia, Greece
Dec - Italy, France, (Spain)
Jan - India
Feb - Singapore, Thailand
March - Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam
April - Find a job
April 08 - Repeat (j/k, my friends and future employers)
wanderlass says:
I've just very recently seriously pondering how to go about taking a very long sabbatical to travel.."go about" meaning afford to.. I am reading your adventure with much pleasure and amusement.. I wonder if you've made it to India yet. :)
Posted on: Jan 28, 2007
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