An unfortunate change of luck at Raffles. Sigh.

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Sunscreen? Nah! Surely no sun is getting through THOSE clouds...?!
We had planned to go diving in the morning, but we just couldn't get it together by 9am. So we planned on the 1:30 trip instead, and headed out to the beach, to dispel this "you can still get burned when it's overcast" myth.

It as very windy on the beach. In fact, my banana daiquiri blew right off the table - tragic! It was immediately replaced of course. 

Things kind of went downhill from there. We picked up "quick" sandwiches to go, which took 20 minutes, then we raced back to the room to scarf them down and grab our dive gear. Then I raced our little golf cart as fast as it would go back to reception for our ride to the dive boat, only to discover that our bag (with certification cards and other essentials) had fallen off the cart! Immediately we retraced our route to find the bag, and even searched the road side grasses .
Taken while I was waiting for the lost bag to be returned. The sky matches my dark mood!
.. to no avail. Someone must have picked it up. Here began a half-day drama to find the damn bag. It was frustrating, as apparently someone called to report it found, but didn't leave their name (or, apparently, think to bring it in!). So, I spent a fruitless afternoon at the reception desk, then headed back to the room to change for a workout (there's a nice fitness room here).

Some baneful spirit possessed me, and I checked my email...mistake! Bad work stuff. The company I founded and ran was acquired by another company three months ago. The new people are nice and well meaning and all, but they are over in California and can't seem to figure out how to pay our Chicago vendors on time. Or at all.  I no longer have control of anything...killing me... OK, I digress.  But let me say that after just 30 minutes, my fists were clenched, face pinched, and my blood pressure probably deadly high.

Steve, ever the pragmatist, suggested I put away my computer for the duration of our vacation. Excellent suggestion!

Hey, turns out you really can get burned on an overcast day. The proof is covering my body.

Off to the bar for $26 martinis and a pricey dinner. Oy.
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Sunscreen? Nah! Surely no sun is g…
Sunscreen? Nah! Surely no sun is …
Taken while I was waiting for the …
Taken while I was waiting for the…
Raffles resort pool area.
Raffles resort pool area.
The pier at Raffles.
The pier at Raffles.
Steve enjoys the view.
Steve enjoys the view.
View from our balcony at Raffles.
View from our balcony at Raffles.
This stones for this church were t…
This stones for this church were …
The view from our room, pieced tog…
The view from our room, pieced to…
Before the computer ban...
Before the computer ban...
photo by: cmgervais