The day I paid to have my head crushed in a most painful manner.

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Treatment rooms at Raffles Amrita Spa, accessible only by boat. Unless you feel like a swim.
Today was our much anticipated Spa Day. The spa location is stunning, with two treatment bungalows on stilts in the water, accessible only by boat. Other treatment rooms are fastened by miracle to the cliff, all open to the gorgeous water below.

We couldn't be too picky about the services, since we hadn't booked in advance. I ended up with an Imperial Head Massage. But instead of a massage, the woman tried (unsuccessfully, thank god) to break through my skull using intense pressure from her Hands-O-Steel.  It was not pleasant. It hurt. The crashing waves and sunny room were worth it though, I guess. Steve groused about his "super fast" pedicure too. Not a great spa day, and too expensive to boot. I was just happy to leave with my brains (mosty) intact.

Another turtle walk in the evening, then dinner at Jambu. I savored the novelty of being a "seafood eater" and ordered lobster. (I am usually a non-seafood eating vegetarian, but I really would like to eat fish more. I just don't like it, usually.) They served it in the shell, all lobster-looking and horrifying. Steve caught them before they set it down and asked them to just give me the edible part. They whisked it away and returned a more generic and less frightening looking plate, and it was good, and I was a happy seafood eater.

To bed early - we're flying to Antigua in the morning!
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Treatment rooms at Raffles Amrita …
Treatment rooms at Raffles Amrita…
Raffles Amrita Spa.
Raffles Amrita Spa.
Pedicure potions at Raffles Amrita…
Pedicure potions at Raffles Amrit…
On the beach at Raffles.
On the beach at Raffles.
photo by: cmgervais