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Our wake up call came at 5am - 30 minutes late! We scrambled to pull everything together and get to the lobby. Raffles had set up a small breakfast table, and there were others milling around waiting for the ride to board the same flight. During our stay at Raffles, we had been perplexed that the mini-bar candy kept disappearing ("Did YOU eat the Snickers?"  "NO, I didn't eat the Snickers!" ) We learned we were not the only ones who experienced this type of in-room thievery! Two other couples were also missing food from their room and were complaining at the front desk. This seems like an issue a fancy place like this should have a handle on.

We had to lay over in St. Lucia on our way to Antigua. We tried every which way to avoid the 6-hour stay, to no avail.
Feeding time at the Hawksbill.
The Liat guys were nice enough  to take our 800 pounds of luggage behind the desk (possibly violating every type of security measure. But we were so thankful to not have to carry it around!).

We took a cab into Castries town and stopped to browse at the duty-free mall, which was quiet (that would end soon). We then had a delicious 9:30am "lunch" at some touristy pirate restaurant (salad, potato skins), then back down for shopping - oops, by this time the mall was completely overrun by cruise shippers. I managed to buy a watch in the melée, but we soon got sick of the crowds and hawkers, so we found a spot to sit away from it all, and watched the show from afar.

Back to the airport at noon to "officially" check in our luggage. Then to Vigie Beach (conveniently right across the street from the airport) where we were sandblasted by the wind until it was time to leave at 1:30.
Our digs at the Hawksbill Resort.

Our flight to Antigua was fairly quick, but we arrived with a zillion other people from huge Virgin and British Air flights - it was a total mad house! There was a crush of people trying to get to immigration -- luckily we were rescued from this due to our "domestic" armband. Whew! We found our driver and jumped in a van bound for Rex Hawksbill Resort.

A nice glass of champagne was waiting for us at Hawksbill, but this place pales in comparison to our last two resorts. It's dated and seemed none too clean here. We tried to have "tea" at 5:30 but we were late and there were only scraps left, so we drank instead.
We got to dinner at precisely 7:00 so as to beat everyone to the sad little buffet, and pretty much succeeded. I had a nice salad, and Steve liked the fresh snapper. OK, it wasn't completely awful. But it was pretty bad. I hate lining up for food.

Here's a tip: beware the rum - it's stronger than usual! Steve really liked to local brand and accidently got hammered from too many glasses...

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Feeding time at the Hawksbill.
Feeding time at the Hawksbill.
Our digs at the Hawksbill Resort.
Our digs at the Hawksbill Resort.
photo by: cmgervais