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Athenian Treasury. They built it after the Oracle told them to rely on their wooden houses vs. the Persians. The wooden houses?..The Athenian Navy.
Mum and I headed over to Delphi.  For those unaware, this was the most holy place of the Greek World.  It was the center of not only the world, but the universe.  In their beliefs, this is where Apollo brought the Cretan preists to carry on his worship.  It was where Zeus forced his father Cronos to disgorge the Omphalos stone, etc.  It was also used as an Oracle by the Ancients.  Everyone from Alexander the Great, to Pericles, Solon, Leonidas, and other great Hellenic peoples went there to see the Pythian Prophetes and consult the Oracle. 

I also consulted the Oracle:  I'm amazing was the Oracles reply.

Being the big Greco-Roman history buff that I am, it gave me a great chance to really geek out.  Along with all of the Archaeological sites, there was also the best museum of Hellenic History I've seen.  Many of the sculptures were ones I've seen in texts, and it was a real treat.  The town is great too.  Perched in mountains high above the sea, it was quite picturesque as well.  It almost looked as though Switzerland met Greece. 

Anywho, got lots done as far as seeing the sights, and had a great time as well.

TYoungTX says:
I should have read this first -- got my answer to whether you consulted with the Oracle. Now I wonder what kind of obscure message you received??
Posted on: Apr 04, 2008
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Athenian Treasury.  They built it …
Athenian Treasury. They built it…
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