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Karnak Temple

When finally we got on board of our ship we were told that our baggage would be carried on board by the staff. I must say I did not really want to leave my suitcase bahind without having it under control.

The boats looked like floating hotels and they are all parked beside eachother, what means you have to walk "throught the middle of the ships" - so we entered at least 7 ships - some really nice ones - before we actually got on board of ours - not so nice one.

We had to wait on the upper deck to get the rooms and of course mine was on lowest deck and instead of having  a nice and friendly room, I had a stinky, dark and long forgotten cabin hidden somewhere on "near the engine super stinky lower deck".


I thought my nose would get used to the smell of the diesel but I must say everyday when I came down from the outside world with nice fresh breeze , my stomach gave me the feeling I have to throw up but I forced myself to believe that this smell was actually not that bad ..... wregggg

Back up the main deck our group gathered together to get the information for the next days, but the tour guide did not really get the chance to say more than:"Hi my name is......" before pretty much everyone started shouting at him and complaining about the rooms. Most of the group was put into the cabins on the "near the engine super stinky lower deck".

There was only one who had a bigger concern than  - his luggage did not make it on board - MIssing!  Someone had a second tooth brush and a shirt for him and the captain of the boat gave him a kaftan to survive the first night - first thing he did next day - he bought some clothes! For the next days the travel agency kept telling him that his clothes are one the way and they would be delivery to him as soon as possible - well whatever they ment with as soon as possible, because on the last day when we got back to Luxor and we were picked by the bus, that bus actually delivered his luggage .

Nile Majestic III
...some of things were stolen! Poor guy!

On the cruise we spotted "Nile Majestic II" - it was "parked" on the side ashore still in the water - half way in / half way out - rotten - a wreck!

But after all I still had a fun time and enjoyed the tour very much - hard to believe but I really did! :-))  Just next time I will spend more time for booking a good ship.



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Nile Majestic III
Nile Majestic III
Nile Majestic III - nice room even…
Nile Majestic III - nice room eve…
off we go!
off we go!
somewhere in the middle of the shi…
somewhere in the middle of the sh…
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