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Can anyone tell me why the Chinese feel the need to cough their lungs up everywhere? Spitting the filthy mess into the street and then looking in amazement as SARs spreads rampant around the country?


And what is the rush? Why must you be the very first through the door, the first on the plane, the first on the train, the first in the elevator? Why must you then stand up even as the plane is still rocketing along the landing strip, why must you push to get off the train first…I thought you liked it there? Why can’t you say please? Why can’t you say thank you? Why do your taxi drivers insist on trying to rip me off…I am foreign..not stupid?


Who are you talking to, every minute of every day on your stupid blasted mobile phone? You never put the thing down…is it frying your brain..is that why you are so foolish?


Why do you aspire to be western? Why do you bleach your skin? Can you not see you are beautiful? Why do you value reputation so much…why does old mean good? Why can’t you look deeper instead of trusting the superficial? Why are you raping your own country? Why destroy your rivers – what will you drink? What will happen when you pollute the last river? What will you eat?


Why must you stare at me all the time…have you never seen blue eyes? Why must you shout “HALLOOO” at me? Do I shout “NIHAOOOO” at you? Why do you think that every foreigner speaks English?


Why must you make the same mistakes as my country made? Can you not learn from our foolishness or must you experience it yourself?




Now..what I like about China and the Chinese.


The willingness to help, the friendliness, that your trains run on time, that your shops have everything, that costs are low, that when you say you will do something you do it, that you value education so much, that you care for your elders, that you remember your history, that you are proud…no matter how humble you are, that you give money to beggars..even if you only have a small amount, that you welcome everyone into your shops and restaurants, your Tsingtao beer, that you like me, that you embrace the future, that you put up signs in English, that some of your translations are so funny…..that I keep wanting to come back!!!!


On balance I think I still like China - but you are pushing it!!!! ;)

Jopin says:
Wow, I thought I was reading about Malaysia for a second there!! LOL!!
Posted on: Mar 20, 2008
hummingbird50 says:
Great ..great...great..Loved it. I work for a bus company here in Victoria...I know what you mean...have a great day!
Posted on: Mar 20, 2008
Sunflower300 says:
Brilliant rant Rob. I loved it. :)
Posted on: Mar 20, 2008
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