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On our way to Chiang Rai we make a short stop at one of the largest lakes in Thailand, of which (shame on me) I forgot the name. We were supposed to arrive just before sunset but by the time we got here it was almost dark. Yet there is just enough time left to take a look at the beautiful, silent water. The stop here is too short, not so much because of the lake (although it is nice) but because of the great atmosphere that hangs around it. Beside the water little groups of young people are playing guitar or playing cards, a little further others are practicing some sort of yoga, and all around there are nicely enlightened stalls that sell the most delicious smelling food and play nice music. I try suggesting to stay here for dinner but it is no use, after only 10 minutes we leave the lake behind and drive on to our Chiang Rai hotel.

Dusit Island Resort is the most luxurious hotel that I have ever seen. You may say I'm not used to much fancy stuff, which is true, but still it stays really impressive. The surrounding area is beautifully designed, with plants and water and flowers. The lobby has a waterfall in it and is full of marble and precious decoration. The service girls all wear gala-like dresses and are the most friendly personnel that I have ever met (not to mention the cute old man at the elevator, who's only job is to press the buttons for me and say Sawasdee Krab). My room (just a standard) is fully equipped, with everything my hart could possibly desire, and wonderful. I can not but adore it. As we arrived late most people decide to shower first and eat after. But I don't feel like rushing for diner, especially because frankly everyone plans on eating in the steak restaurant, and I don't steak.
.. So instead, I decide to have a relaxing evening and to order roomservice. I have to admit I did order spaghetti instead of Thai food, but honestly, I couldn't make much of the Thai names on the menu. I guess I'm a bit spoiled with buffets lately. It is a lot easier to choose from something you can see and smell than from a name and three word description on some piece of paper. But anyway, the spaghetti came in some 15 minutes after ordering, and it came with two delicious garlic breads, a rose (gotta love that) and a sweet Thai waiter. Not like I have any special "plans", but still, he was really friendly and for some reason just cheered up my mood even more. Kop khun kaa for that, mister waiter. This is my first ever roomservice ordered, and I don't regret it for a second. The dish tastes wonderful too, after which I decide to go to bed and watch some television before going to sleep. It's been long since I had such a calm evening, and some real spare time just to be on my own, without rushing to pack my bags or to get ready for diner. It feels wonderful.

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