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Muscat duty free :)
My flight goes from Brussels to Phuket, with an hour transfer in Muscat (Oman). I've been queuing for ages at the airport check-in and therefore wasn't able to get my hands on a window seat ticket. That is crappy because I can't sleep when there is no window or wall to rest my head against. But as I am about to leave I actually don't care at all. I got an ear-ache last week but it is almost over now, and I am already glad that departure is in sight.

I've been checking out the other passengers at the gate. They all look a bit decadent and old,... not the kind of people I want to tour with. And on top of that they don't look friendly. It feels like everybody is gazing at me, because I am alone and they find it pitiful.
Of course that is just me, in fact, nobody is paying attention to anything more than the announcement screen. But for some reasons things are pissing me of. Everything. I start to think I should have done this on my own or either stayed at home, instead of going somewhere in between with people I have never seen before on a tour that probably won't fit me. I also start to think that I should have bought a suitcase instead of taking my backpack to five-star hotels, and that all these people are way to fancy to ever like me. Me, with my Eastpak hand luggage instead of Prada purse...

But then the radio switches on and a lady announces through the speakers. The magical moment. Like the delete button on my laptop. "The plane is now ready to board", she goes. And I go "Are you sure you want to delete Belgium?", then I click "yes".
And all is gone. All worries, all thoughts about rainy weather, work, backpacks and Prada purses. Around me everybody jumps up and rushes to the gate. Like it matters... we all have numbered seats. So I go slowly and finaly place myself next to an old man, that turnes out to be a Frenchman with a heart decease and six kids (a girl, a boy, a girl, a boy, a girl and a boy). Luckily he brought his pills... I found out his name is Robert, but that wasn't too hard. He keeps on talking and talking in a way that gives me no doubt he's going to maintain that attitude for the next 15 hours. But he is also very friendly so in fact I don't really mind him sharing his biography. Time passes quickly this way and it is one opportune moment to practice some French. Halfway the flight he lets me sit next to the window so I can as well catch some sleep during the last 6 hours of the trip. Simply ideal. Before I've realized it we've landed in Phuket and I'm queuing at the immigration service with the arrival/departure cards (that I had to fill in for Robert too as his hands were shaking so badly he could hardly just sign the papers).

Queuing took two hours, after which Robert and I shook hands (he stayes in Phuket) and I went to check in my luggage again for the second flight to Bangkok. While waiting for a check-in counter to be assigned to the flight I meet two couples, one in their late thirties and the other in their late forties, I guess. They were carrying BestTours documents (my travel agency), what made me assume they would be in my tourgroup, so I started a conversation. They turn out to be both extremely friendly and generous, so again I have found myself some company to spend the remaining hours with. It is raining here in Phuket, and our flight is delayed. The long travel has made me jump to stand-by modus, where I do nothing more than staring in front of me and moving to another place when necessary. Eating only when something is given to me, talking only when something is asked. The couples (I forgot their names few minutes after they introduced their selves, so I refere to the as "the couples" for now) are again opening Singha cans. But I was right, they are in my group so I stick with them. It makes it unnecessary for me to watch the announcement screens, so I can maintain my "screen saver attitude". Although there is something to be said about mindlessly following people who drink beers at such a fast pace... When we finally get up in the air lightning is all around us at there is quite some turbulence. But I fall a sleep quickly, only to wake up in Bangkok. BANGKOK! I've made it :)

The Tour Reps have made it to Bangkok too. Our Thai guide is called Mac, or that is what we can call him ("I'm Mac, like in Mac Donnalds"). His Thai name is extremely long and so hard to pronounce that I have no problems understandig why he chose an English nickname. However, that is also a bit sad. Our Belgian guide who does the translation is called Kim. Perfect, as I will have no problem remembering that. They both seem nice and escort us to the bus, where we meet the driver (who's name will be a mistery througout the trip) and the guy that handels the suitcases and brings around drinks. He's called Hot, but in fact he's not.

We arrive in the hotel pretty fast, yet to my frustration it is out of the center. I wanted to walk around a bit outside, but that is now out of the question. By the time I get to my room I'm yet so tired walking around is the last thing on my mind. Unfortunately, I don't fall asleep fast. At 1 am the next day I'm still wide awake. Their is noice in the hallway and for some reason it makes me thing it are "the couples", but it is only a guess. I wander if I will be able to get to sleep before dawn... I might be just too keyed up, as I only realise it now: I've made it to Thailand!

Fly me to the moon - Frank Sinatra
rgriffs says:
Good blog sounds like you had a great time!
Posted on: Aug 01, 2008
misspaulina says:
this is just wonderful!your writing makes me look forward to a wonderful thailand escapades on my own,without worries! =)
Posted on: Jun 10, 2008
hawkeye372 says:
great blog. looking forward to my trip to bangkok
Posted on: Mar 22, 2008
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Muscat duty free :)
Muscat duty free :)
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