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Heading for the floating market
Just before arriving at the floating market we transfer to a little longtailboat to reach the market over the water. These go pretty fast and water splashes in pretty frequently. At first it is just a small bit so I don't bother to put my camera away. Views from the boat are nice, all the wooden houses of people living next to the river, and birds in the bushes. But I should have made precautions because in the next turn water splashes in not with bits but with buckets. Mireille (who sits in front of me) and I are completely soaked. And so is my camera. Raf, next to me, hasn't felt a drip of water and thinks the whole situation is hilarious. He started laughing ones he saw the water coming and didn't stop until we reached shore. Me, I don't mind to be wet that much as it is warm and sunny today, yet I do worry about my memory card a bit.
Luckily it hasn't got any damage. At Damnoen Saduak, tour guides are awaiting us. At first they think we've gone overboard, that must picture how awfully soaked we were. I looked like a drowned rat! But we had good laughs after I shilled about the camera, and for the first time since long my stomach starts to feel better.

We switch to this little boats to float around the market. I get into one with Mireille and her husband David (a Walloon couple that is extremely friendly and funny) and the two girls from Luxembourg who are about my age. That's good company alright, and again a perfect day for practicing French. My clothes are dry in an instant since they are all linen, but Mireille is less lucky. She walks around the rest of the day in a wet pants. The market is lovely however.
It is no longer as authentic as it ones used to be, and the mayor part of the vendors now sell souvenirs instead of vegetables, but it still has a very special flair around it. It is buzzy on the river, and pretty hard to actually get the boat moving, but that only makes the ride last longer :) There is so much to see out here on the water, that I feel like needing some more eyes. So many people passing, so many things sold, so many colors. I enjoy every minute of it. Back on shore I buy a mangostan. I didn't hope to find one as I believe it is not the right season and there weren't any to buy in Bangkok, but here there are! I got freaky happy when I discovered them, since I've heard so many delicious stories about them and I really wanted to taste for myself.
Even while I'm still sick and haven't eaten for two days now, I decide to eat one. I haven't regret it for a second. The taste is simply sublime! I wouldn't even mind to get ill from this fruit, it is so worth it! Too bad they aren't sold in Belgium...

Back on the bus Mac has bought something for us too. Its banana fried in coco milk, which tastes good but it is too heavy for my stomach, which is still rebooting after its breakdown. So I only taste a little. The other is Ramboutan (of which I just love the outside: so flashy and cute. It is another think that isn't to be found at home) and Pomelo, that we do have in Belgium but not with this lovely taste. We are heading for Kanchanaburi today and that is said to be the province of Pomelo, so we just can't miss those here.

Boat on the river - Stickx
Sunflower300 says:
I loved the floating market when I was there; your photos are fantastic.
Posted on: Apr 26, 2008
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Heading for the floating market
Heading for the floating market
Cute little girl
Cute little girl
Jefs boat
Jef's boat
Mjam :)
Mjam :)
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