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Flying back home...
So this is it. On March 17 I left Thailand to go back home, on a flight that seemed much longer than the first one. I didn't had the change of sneaking into business class again, so had to cope with less room and a hallway seat. But it basically was returning to Belgium that made me feel sad. I've thought of canceling the flight and throwing my passport in the water, just staying in the land of smiles forever, but didn't do so in the end. When we landed in Brussels it was more than 30 degrees colder than it was when we took of, 1°C to be precise, and raining slightly. My parents and brother awaited me and looked really happy to see me and to hear the stories, but I was not in the mood for storytelling. It can be so hard to return home!

Today is April 26, I've been back for quite some time now but I still miss Thailand every now and then. It has taken me over two weeks to start enjoying work again (I've been seriously thinking of quiting), to not feel disappointed when looking out my bedroom window and not see vivid Bangkok or peaceful blue waters, to not hope for Thai food every evening... But strange but true, what I really still miss today is the lovely pineapples. The fruit in Thailand taste so wonderful. By the time it reaches Belgium all the flavor seems to have gone. I never realized this before I tasted the Thai pineapples. You just can't compare them to what we have in Belgium. So it's hasn't been easy to come back here. Yet now I'm preparing for the next trip, and that helps :)

I definitely fell in love with Asia more than ever. I still got the piece of string the monk at Doi Suthep gave me attached around my wrist, and I ware my jade little elephant practically every day. The Buddha statues fit perfectly in my room and the painting I bought at Chiang Rai's white temple is safely stored, so I can hang it -ones I have my own apartment- in my bathroom one day. I finally got all my pictures sorted an uploaded, and after these last sentences, my blog will be finished. All has gotten a place in my memory now, and a place in my hearth. Every place I've been, every color, taste and smell. Every moment and everyone I've met. Traveling is as beautiful as life, it honestly is the most heavenly thing on earth. And so seems Thailand.

"Two weeks away it feels like the whole world should have changed
But I'm home now
And things still look the same
I think I'll leave it till tomorrow to unpack
Try to forget for one more night
That I'm back in my flat on the road
Where the cars never stop going through the night
To a life where I can't watch sunset
I don't have time
I don't have time

I've still got sand in my shoes
And I can't shake the thought of you
I should get on, forget you
But why would I want to
I know we said goodbye
Anything else would've been confused but I wanna see you again

Tomorrow's back to work and down to sanity
should run a bath and then clear up the mess I made before I left here
Try to remind myself that I was happy here
Before I knew that I could get on the plane and fly away
From the road where the cars never stop going through the night
To a life where I can't watch sunset
And take my time"

Sand in my shoes - Dido
finalnicolas says:
I like the way you tell your trip... with words well chosen, quotes and humour!
See ya!
Posted on: Jul 29, 2008
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Flying back home...
Flying back home...
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