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As soon as night sets in, the train gets converted to a sleeping train. Seats transform to beds and everything gets quite. I absolutely love this! I've never been in any night train before, but it's amazing. The little bed I've got reminds me tremendously of the little camp houses my brother and me used to build under the kitchen table. We hung blankets all around it, so it was covered from the real world, then put some survival stuff inside (like candy and coke), and made beds with pillows and sheets. It's been ages since I had the cozy feeling of such a little place of my own, but tonight I feel it. The sleeping compartment (I made our guide Mac sleep at the upper one as the lower compartment looked a thousand times nicer, selfish me) is just long enough for me to stretch out, and just high enough to sit up in.
Balcony view
I've closed the hallway curtain to hide me away from people passing by, but the hallway light shimmers through and gives me just enough light to see clearly. It is dark outside so I can watch street lamps slide by my window, and on the shelf above my pillow is my very own survival package, with the banana and the egg and the cookies. Pure gold.

Ones it gets late all people seem to be inside their compartment and I start hearing cockroaches walking around in the hallway. I don't mind them being there, I just don't want them inside my little house. Luckily I encounter only a little one, which I succesfully scare of. The real challenge turns out to be the toilet. An Asian one of course, in a very small chamber with a severe lack of light. On top of that the train bounces heavily, and my skills and concentration aren't that optimal at 3 am in the morning.
Balcony view
Yet no accidents occur.

At 6:45 am we arrive in Bangkok. I haven't slept much but I enjoyed the train ride. The biggest surprise of the day is when we get to the bus near the station, and find that there are Hot and the bus driver that have been accompanying us throughout the journey, but of which we parted two days ago in Chiang Mai. I honestly didn't think of seeing them ever again, so that was great fun. Yet at the airport our goodbyes are final. The whole of our tour group has booked hotels in Phuket, but only the Luxembourger girls stay in the same hotel as I do.
I don't think he likes me... He looks so sad :(
All the others have chosen luxurious hotels in busy Patong, but we wanted a place away from the crowd to relax. The beach in front the Aquamarine Resort is a rocky one were it's not allowed to swim because of the corals. But close up is Kamala, which is touristy but not as spoiled as Patong. That's what I read and that's why I booked Aquamarine. Same for Sonja and Elisabethe.

We arrive in Phuket with more than an hour delay but in plain sun. This is a relieve as it was raining a lot when we made our stop here at the very beginning, on transfer to Bangkok. Now there is no cloud to be seen. I say goodbye to the other members of the group and get in a minibus to the hotel, where I arrive around 4 pm. The place is really nice. I like my room, I like the view from the terrace, and I like the location.
No jet ski to be seen at the horizon. No pushy vendors around, no noise, no scooters, no hassle. After getting my stuff arranged in the room and changing clothes I go straight to the counter for booking my Phi Phi trip. I want to do it fast because this is why I came to Phuket, and didn't choose a less touristy destination. I don't want to go looking for the best deal tomorrow, comparing prices or arranging things. I just want to book the tour offered by my travel agency, take it for tomorrow, and get this of my back. If not, I won't get sleep peacefully tonight.

After making the arrangement I go and have diner in the hotel, but it isn't that nice. No buffet and no Thai food. There are only 5 dishes to choose from (I booked half board) and only one has fish. So I go for that one. The salad bar is ok but the soup is not, and apart from me, there are only 4 other people at the restaurant, at two different tables.
That means all the waiters have nothing more to do than just staring at you while you're having dinner, and it's annoying. A woman singer and a male guitarist cheer up the mood by playing songs. They move from table to table doing some requests. I must say they're charming. But that's all positive comments for the restaurant. It sucks, with or without swimming pool and sea view.

So I leave quickly and after enjoying nightfall at the pool return to my room to get a good rest. The corridor in front of it is open and gives out to bushes and trees. I can here beetles making noise between the plants and I honestly hope that none of them is going to enter my room. There is a pretty big gap under my door, about a centimeter high, so it wouldn't be a problem for beasties to come in. And they sound big! But no time to worry much about it, as tomorrow I will see Phi Phi, finally, and I can't wait! So Phi Phi is all I'm going to dream about tonight!

David Bowie - The passenger
alyssa_ob says:
The night train sounds a bit different than those in western Europe! Now you'll have to travel by night train when you get home!
Posted on: Jul 12, 2008
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Balcony view
Balcony view
Balcony view
Balcony view
I dont think he likes me... He lo…
I don't think he likes me... He l…
No ghosts in the hotel room :)
No ghosts in the hotel room :)
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