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I've been dreaming of Thailand for practically all my life. When I was a little kid, probably about 4 years old, I saw this poster of a magical island in a shop or somewhere. I was astonished, and that moment stuck with me until now. It was the moment when I realized that there is a whole world out there to discover. That there must be so much beauty that I've never seen and probably cannot even imagine. It was the moment I realized I want to see it all.

As I grew up I learned that the photo showed Thailand's beautiful Phi Phi islands. And therefore I decided that the first big trip I'd make would be one to the land of smiles that injected me with the travel bug. Later on of course I learned more about this country and I fell in love with South East Asia in general, even though I had never been there before. I found a thousand more reasons why I wanted to see this part of the world, yet the special feelings about Thailand stuck with me and I kept to the promise I made to myself. Therefore, this year, when I booked my first non-European travel, there was absolutely no doubt about the destination.

Thailand is more to me than the country itself. It marks the start of a whole range of journeys. It is like I've been dreaming of all these travels all my life, and now I finally start making them. That probably sounds ridiculous, but it is how it feels.
I was planning on making this journey on my own, to pack my backpack and just leave. But as I had never been out of Europe and would travel alone, in the end it turned out I didn't have the guts for it. So I decided to book a tour and found one that did almost everything that I wanted to do. I know many of you don't like tours because they are touristy, expensive, fast paced and basically show only the part of a country that they want you to see. And that is all true. I had never booked at a travel agency before and normally I plan my own travels from A to Z. So it was a pretty hard decision to make, but in the end it just felt like the right thing to do.

That's how it all happened. Today is 2 march and I'm having my bags packed. My backpack, as I don't have any suitcases. But it will do. I have my first international passport ready to be stamped and my tickets in hand. My plane will take of in 3 hours, for a 15 hour trip to the other end of the world. Outside it is rainy and cold, and I honestly can't wait to leave this country behind.

Dream until your dream comes true - Aerosmith
padmeister says:
Great Blog - Makes me look forward to my own trip there
Posted on: Sep 17, 2010
magnificent says:
No comment could give your writing any justice. All I can say is INSPIRING! Thank you!!!
Posted on: Apr 07, 2010
aiohdmg says:
Wow,i dont know how to comment this blog.
YOur writing made me feel so stuff!!
It's seem its writing from your heart..
i cannot wait to read the next page.

Well, I hv met Dodge, New and May last Sat.
May told us she will go to Belgium and maybe met
u.Dodge and New are very exciting and they let's me know about u. They told that it's so beautiful u are!
So, i cannot wait see yr blog.

Wow..only read this first page, it's made me so stuff! Cannot stop to drop my hello.

Let's u know from Thai TB Gang
"We are alway Weclome u to our land..(^__^)and with our warm heart"

Posted on: Jun 24, 2008
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