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This has proved to be a very attractive city with wooden buildings and plenty of inexpensive restaurants serving gamey but tasty steaks (I guess unlike India, waterbuffalo is allowed to be eaten by the non-Hindu minority).  After walking around Kathmandu for a day, we decide to see a couple of the outlying towns.  Our first stop was Bakhtaphur, where pottery is manufactured and set outside to cure in the sun.  After that was a trip to Dakhshinkali, a temple where animal sacrifices are done every Tuesday and Saturday.  We watched as goats were grabbed by the neck and had their heads yanked upwards while a sharp ghurka knife sliced across the throat.  While the goat still fought for life, the 'holy ones' aimed the arterial spray at several nearby statues until the animal stopped moving - then they deepened the cut until the head came clean off.  It was appalling and mesmerizing at the same time.  Having actually grown up raising goats in the back yard, this may be the point at which I decided to stop eating meat in principle. 
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photo by: sharonburgher