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Salaam readers, from the Gulf, and Happy Good Friday to those who celebrate it. They obviously don't over here. But I did stuff today with the fam and have a couple pictures for you. Firstly, I just want to take a moment to say that I managed to wake up at 11am today instead of 5pm. And since tomorrow I have to wake up at 8am, I don't think jet lag will be a problem anymore. HOORAH!

We drove an hour and a half to Dubai today through a highway of sandy nothingness, and decided to visit Ibn Battuta mall, where we shopped in Egypt, i.e. the Egypt Section of Ibn Battuta mall in Dubai, which is a mall split up into different parts of the world and decorated in their theme. For our family, 2pm means 5pm and it takes about an hour and a half to two hours to get to Dubai from Abu Dhabi, so we got there at 10pm and didn't get to visit the rest of the world. But I think shopping at Forever 21, while slurping Starbucks and then my family and I indulging in sushi and sashimi, kebabs, and sweet and sour chicken with chop suey means we pretty much got a taste of a ton of cultures anyways so it doesn't matter. It would've been great to have pictures of the rest of the place for you guys but personally I didn't miss out because I've walked through the whole place already on my first visit.

My mother decided to tell me today that she just remembered that the London Philharmonic Orchestra is playing at the Emirates Palace (the colourful, extravagant Palace featured in the movie The Kingdom which wasn't shot in Saudi Arabia. That was Abu Dhabi) this weekend and next week is Swan Lake. I love how breezily on-dope she is about remembering. Naturally, they are exaggeratedly sold out. I also sadly missed Dubai Fashion Week, which ends tomorrow, according to the distractingly bright billboards along the streets. And Abu Dhabi Fashion Week passed before I came I think.

Tomorrow on the agenda, My mom and I are waking bright and early tomorrow to go to 'the white pearl of the Gulf'', the newly finished Sheikh Zayed Mosque. After 12 years of construction, with an estimated spendage of 2.167 billion Durhams, the mosque opened last year for Ramadan. It's one of the 10 largest mosques in the world and can house 40,000 worshippers. It only opens from 9am-11:30am apparently so...gotta catch an early night tonight. And by early I mean 2-ish? I can't do early. My body clock is fucked to bits. This is the best I can do so far, picture-wise (from google) but hopefully tomorrow I'll have a good picture day.


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