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Abu Dhabi Intl Airport, the gate lounge


After a gruelling day spent at Heathrow airport (you would not believe. Read it all here), I am finally in Abu Dhabi for Spring Break. I'm not sure if I'm ready to call here my home yet, as when we were shipped off here from the Caribbean by my parents, I had applied to colleges and started studying in London the same year. So, I've never really gotten a proper chance to live here like the rest of my family has. I mean, my 12 year old sister has a local boyfriend and plays arabic pop on her iTunes and my brother is pretty much the popular guy in his school, with some seriously gorgeous eye-candy.

My room in my home away from home away from home
They no longer have time to worship me as the cool/rebellious older sister they had back in Trinidad, who drank copious amounts of alcohol while making out with the wrong sort at local rock festivals from 14 all the way through to 17.

Nothing's happened so far here yet worth talking about because I am severely jet-lagged, having been living on San Francisco time since January IN LONDON, and now, that makes an entire 11 hour difference and it feels like I have been upturned, like a mammoth hourglass. So, I've been spending it in my air-conditioned room, sleeping, trying to mouth Arabic TV ads for cream cheese (they love that shit over here. I mean COVET) and 'Fair and Lovely' products; yes, of course; skin-bleaching products. Had no idea?

I'm starting to use my TravBuddy account more now while here because I think it's time I take a break from the literary essays and core texts to explore this place a little.

taking in the cool night air. grateful that it's not too hot yet.
Tell me you live nearby and want to take me out! lol. This week, probably not today, as I am enjoying a Hanif Kurieshi novel in bed and feel a cold coming on, I will drop myself off at the local Abu Dhabi bus terminal and jump on something and see what happens. Usually when I come here, all I do is shop, at markets and things, because London can be a real bitch on your wallet sometimes. Acutally, all the time! I had a great, laborious trek through Dragon Mart with my mother and her friends last christmas for gifts and got a GREAT "Chanel" wallet. It's holding up quite well and my Londoner friends love it! lol We thought we had reached the tail of the dragon, after spending roughly 8 hours there, but we hadn't. The tail was actually a big sign blocking off an extended space that said 'Coming Soon' . I think those two words best describe what the Emirates is all about. Constantly under construction, that is exactly what this place is, 'Coming Soon'. I mean, I would take a picture of the views outside my balcony but all it is is a bunch of cranes and building foundations and swirling dust and men in blue jumpsuits.

SO, having said all that, all I've got is a pic of the magnificent mosaic tiled hub of the Abu Dhabi Intl Airport, and two of my room, which looks fantastic, thanks to my interior decorator mom missing me and having nothing to do. I wanted to take a picture of it before it got wrecked from my inhabitance. MORE LATER!

mothernatureobeyed says:
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Posted on: Jan 10, 2009
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Abu Dhabi Intl Airport, the gate l…
Abu Dhabi Intl Airport, the gate …
My room in my home away from home …
My room in my home away from home…
taking in the cool night air. grat…
taking in the cool night air. gra…
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Abu Dhabi
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