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As we left Rothenburg and headed south, we were racing to get there, not because we were late necessarily, but because we had already experienced some delays due to construction, we didn't want to lose any more time than we had to. This was a veeery good plan because as we got closer and closer to Fussen, the weather got worse and worse for driving. It was snowing, the best kind of snow for snowball fights and skiing, but the worst for driving. To make it even *better* it was night, so it was dark and snowing on these roads full of construction…in other words, it was madness. Best part, once we got near Fussen, the road just sort of disappeared into nothingness and we curved to a stop at the end of the road and had to figure out which way to go in this dark and winding expanse.

Not only this, but the roads were quite small. As we found ourselves on the map. We realized we had a very small road to drive on to get into Fussen proper (where our hotel was) and we weren't going to make it there by 9:00, so we called the hotel and pleaded and asked if we'd be able to check in after 9:00, maybe 9:15 or so, and they said it would be fine, but if we would be past 10:00 to call again. No problem….we could at least make it there by 10:00. So, we were navigating through these tiny towns in the darkness, in the snow, as signs along the road showed pictures of the road on our left basically falling away beneath the car…NOT the kind of assurance one needs at a time like this. Anyway, eventually we DID make it to the hotel, by 9:24 no less, unpacked our things, found parking and had dinner at the hotel restaurant. (By the way, both the Hotel and the restaurant are EXCELLENT! You should try the Bavarian noodles…mmmm). Tomorrow…castles!

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photo by: vagabond07