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We headed back on the Autobahn to Cologne and parked and went back to the hotel to regroup. We then went to see what the stores had to offer us. To our surprise, one of the souvenir shops was open that we had looked at on Sunday. I got myself a little Pirate Nutcracker! I wanted one of the Three Kings Smokers, or even perhaps a Medieval Guardsman, but both were quite a bit larger, and a lot more expensive, so I decided against it. This was really one of the only stores open aside from restaurants however. We walked around the city center, which is very pedestrian friendly…they really should make more shopping centers like those in Europe…and looked at stores we want to hit tomorrow morning before we leave, since Cologne is really the only major major city we'll be in the rest of the trip (most likely). After this we strolled down toward the river where our hotel is, and on the way passed the gelato place from the night before. The guy who talked to me in Italian waved at us as we passed…we knew we had to come back later. We then dropped off our recently acquired souvenirs and went downstairs to the Thai restaurant to have some food. It was delicious! One of my top restaurants so far (I know it's not German, but it still counts). We stayed at the restaurant awhile, and decided to head back to the gelato place [Rafaello's (28 Amhauf, 50667 Cologne)] . One reason was because the guy had already seen us and waved and pointed at me, as though to say 'you'd better come back' also, my mom LOVED her first gelato experience the night before, so naturally we had to sample it again before we left Cologne for good…there aren't many, if any, places back in MN where she can get really good gelato. So we went back and sampled there wares. The guy was glad to see us again, and I spoke a little Italian to him, but not as much as last night…I think he was a bit sad. After mom and I sat down at the table, and Lori got her gelato, apparently he asked where I had gone to….ahh those Italians ;). After gelato, we went back to the hotel and played the game I got at the tower of London called Outrage! where you  try and steal the crown jewels. It was really fun! It's kind of a combination of clue and monopoly and sorry…good times. Anyway, now we're winding down and re-packing, getting ready for the journey tomorrow to Fussen. Ciao ciao.

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photo by: lauro