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Ahhhhh……good times in Londinium. I didn’t actually buy any internet yesterday like I said I was going to…too much of a hassle…plus Peter was quite helpful in being my internet connection to the world. So the stupid boys in the hall kept me up all night…and their little girlie friends too. Plus, the Chinese girls got up at 5:00 am and made all the noise in the world you can make in the morning when you wake up…which I SO did not appreciate, especially since I only had a couple more hours of sleep left for me…and I’d been woken up multiple times by the screamers in the hall. Anyway, once 7:00 finally rolled around, I had all my stuff packed, got ready, ate breakfast and checked out and headed on my 10 min walk to the tube to get to Victoria and meet my mom and Lori.

It was raining…AGAIN. Ok, so I get out of the station and realize there are about a million ways to exit that place and I had no idea which side I was on. Aside from that, I had written the wrong address down, so I was on Eccleston Street instead of Eccleston Square and I was looking for 27 instead of 37. Needless to say, I did a lot of aimless wandering and finally called my dad to figure out where the real address was (which was on the total other side of Victoria). Anyway, it was raining the whole time, I’m trucking it to the hotel, mom and Lori are waiting and I FINALLY find it…at the furthest end of the street possible of course. I get lost a lot, in case you can’t tell.

So once we were all there, I dropped off my stuff and we headed off to catch a tour bus.

It was GREAT! The Original Tour (which works with City Sightseeing) is the way to go. I love live guides…they always have lots to share. We hopped off practically right away to see changing of the guard, since it’s every other day, we had to either do it then or not at all. Since I was chastised by a certain person who shall remain nameless for not going to the changing of the guard last time I was in London I knew I had to go this time for fear of enduring his wrath again. So yes…we stood in the rain for over a half an hour in the coldness and wetness and took photo and video just for you….so you better like it! It was really cool, and I took a liking to the really sweet clarinet man who fidgeted in front of me the whole time.
I do have to go back in the summer though so I can see the guard changing where they all have the tall poofy hats. PLUS if I go in August, I can go inside Buckingham Palace…that’s a must do right? Right. We didn’t see the whole thing, mostly because it’s like an hour long and we’d already seen a half hour of it and we were COLD and wet. However, as can be seen in my review below…there were some really funny episodes! So, we went and caught the hop on bus to tour around a bit more.

It was St. Patricks day so we had to do a lot of detours and do a bit of back-tracking in the bus so we got to see lots of things from different angles and have more commentary because there was more time to kill. We also had a really nice guy the third bus we were on, and he chatted about planting daffodils in Hyde Park in her honor and why there were no flowers in there otherwise (lets just say the king was giving too many flowers to his mistresses and the queen made a decree). After the bus tour was over, we had a nice dinner at the Jugged Hare and then went back to the hotel for some tea and an early night to bed (we all hadn’t had much sleep the night before).
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