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Well, today was our day in Dresden. We went to the Old Town, saw the church and some old buildings and had lunch. We met a nice couple who was also from Minnesota in the restaurant; they were visiting a former exchange student who had stayed with them a few years ago. They noticed my mom’s Minnesota jacket and said hello. It rained a little bit, but nothing too bad. There was a statue of Martin Luther in front of the church, but I’m not sure why…everything is in German and I can’t read it. We were planning on going to the mall, but all the shops are closed because it’s Good Friday, so we were left with not much to do. I suggested a couple places to drive to, but I guess it was too late in the day for it to be worth it. So it’s an early day I guess, but I got some really good photos today. Tomorrow we head off to the concentration camp and then hopefully another little German town with a Medieval castle, but we shall see what actually happens. I will take this opportunity to do some reading and work on my essays as much as possible, but it’s hard to get your mind back into it. Tata for now!

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Oh no...not the easter bunny!
Oh no...not the easter bunny!
photo by: aloneinthecrowd