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After we went to Bonn, we headed up to Cologne to find our hotel….now THAT was an ordeal. First of all, it was not a matter of getting LOST per-se, but more a lack of detailed maps, and those that were detailed did not say which roads were pedestrian and which were available for use by vehicles. This caused a bit of a problem when looking for streets to turn onto, which were nowhere to be found. After about a half an hour of frustrated driving and map reading (as I sat in the back of the car without a map or a driving apparatus, and read Ausias March) we decided to just pull into the next parking ramp and find it on foot (since we knew it was by the Dom and therefore, we had to be close).

Turns out we picked the perfect garage, which led us straight up to the street that we wanted! It was about a turn or so until we found the street the hotel was on…but difficult to find the door to the hotel as it was situated in a niche between two restaurants, that could easily have been mistaken for a wall between the bistros. Once we checked in, we brought our bags up to the awful room and decided we would spend as little time as possible there. We hit the streets in order to check out the Dom and another famous church nearby, as well as accidentally coming across the town hall and taking some photos as well. After this, we went to the Hard Rock café and got a shirt and some appetizers. Then, we thought about how we didn't really want to see much in Munich, and more or less would rather spend our time in the most southern part of Germany and scope out castles…so we decided it was time for a hotel change.
We knew we had to call tonight in order to make sure there was no cancellation penalty, but we had to find a new hotel in Fussen, and fast.


We walked and walked and could not find an internet café ANYWHERE! (unlike in Italy!). We finally decided to check and see if this super-nice hotel right off the Dom had wireless we could tap into later once I got my laptop…turns out they had a business center. Yes, the internet was pricey, but we didn't really have much of a choice. We got online, found a hotel wrote the info down, and went back to the hotel to call the Munich establishment to cancel…only to find out that you had to do it online! Well, we had no internet at this point, and it would be a bit sketch to go back to the other hotel again (considering we weren't guests there…) so we called dad back in the states to see if he could cancel the reservation and book the new hotel.

Well, he wasn't at home, he was at my aunt's house (of course…because it's Easter). So we decided to call him back after he logged on and took it from there. It took a little while, but we finally got it all sorted. After this long ordeal it was time for dinner. We went outside and walked along leisurely, doing a little window shopping on the way. Then we came across an Italian café with gelato! Oh, I was so excited…we went inside and got dessert before dinner, and the guy who served us spoke Italian! I was so happy to be able to use my Italian again, mostly because every time someone asks me something in German I want to answer in a foreign language, so I usually revert to Italian or Spanish instead of English or German (as if I know much of anything to say in German)! Man…I need help…lol. Anyway, I got my Italian fix and later, we even went to an Italian Bistro for some yummy pasta.
Yes yes…don't get mad we're eating Italian in Germany…Germans do it all the time. Anyway, now we're back in the hotel and did some packing/shifting of items and wrote some postcards. Early day tomorrow as we head off to Aachen and perhaps a little of Belgium? We shall see!

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photo by: lauro