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So, we got up a little later than expected, but we didn’t sleep the day away by any means. We knew our mission for the day: Tower of London.  We hopped on over to Victoria station and took the tube to Tower Hill and took some photos from afar before crossing the street and heading into the fortress. Mom got a yearly-family pass because it will save us a lot of money when the family comes over in January for my graduation. Plus it gets us into 4 other royal places and gets us discounts…woohoo! (more on the discounts later) Anyway, so we get inside and I take a photo with a Yeoman…he was super cool. Then we decided to get the audio tour. We wait in line, I was the first and this nice Spanish man helped me (and flirted with me as well).

He asked how many, I said 3, he got them for me, and I gave him my Drivers License (as required so people don’t accidentally run off with the audio guides). Then he said “are you a student?” “yes” “alright then, discount….that’s 7.50” (he didn’t even ask me for a student ID like the other clerks!). Then he handed me the guides one at a time and I handed them back to my mom. Then the last one (mine) he said, “here is the strap it goes around your neck like this…” and he puts it over my head, around my neck and said “you get special treatment *wink*” I said thanks and we were on our way. Now, we started the audio tour, learned about the Traitors Gate and the Wakefield Tower, and then we got sidetracked. There was St Thomas’s tower and the entrance to the Medieval Palace and the South Wall walk that wasn’t included in the audio tour…so we decided to go on up!

We walked up the stairs, went through a couple rooms of museum like exhibits based on Late Medieval English culture.

Then we walked into the Medieval Palace room where there were three historical actors having a good time talking to each other and the crowd as though it were the Middle Ages. Talk about my kind of thing! It was really awesome too…because unlike Viking day, these guys were into it…had their paraphernalia, had a King’s furniture and the like. It was good times. Anyway, King Charles is yappin it up with his mates and then he started talking to me (my mom recorded some of it). He asked me where I was from, my name and whatnot. I asked if they were going to play the game of merrils they had on the table (Peter and I had played it at the museum in Inverness). They replied, why don’t you play with us? So, the King’s servant came over and played a game with me, as the king asked me how old I was.
I said I was 21, he asked “are you married?” I said laughing, “no” and he said “do you want to be?” and his other friend said “the king is looking for a new bride” haha. It’s not every day a girl gets asked if she wants to be the queen of England! My mom took a video so you can sort of hear most of what happened…hehe. Although, I think I look a bit sketch in the video…sorry for my unworthy appearance.

AAANNNYYYWWAAYY we went along the wall on the walks and saw the crown jewels and then eventually got back on track with the audio tour, which was really good in the end. There are a lot of additional stories you wouldn’t get otherwise. I really liked the tower green and the Tudor houses as well. Anyway…we spent a good part of the day seeing every nook and cranny of the tower…and it was the best time I spent in London so far! Although, I do love the medieval stuff…hehe.

I didn’t care for the White Tower so much…all that militariness…not my thing. Oh oh oh….cool though, got a sweet game called Outrage which has medieval coins and crown pieces and it’s a game where you try to steal the crown jewels…I’m sooooo excited! So, after we finished the tour, I went back into the place where we got the audio guides to return them. I gave them to one of the ladies and as she went to get my card, the guy who flirted with me earlier, ignores the teeming crowd waiting in a huge mob for audio guides, and yells across the counter and asks me if I’m being taken care of, I said I was, and he smiled, and blew me a kiss…haha. I laughed and left…it was humorous.

After that, we went back to the hotel, grabbed my computer and attempted to find free wifi at Waterstones in Picadilly….
which we couldn’t. but before we actually got to Waterstones, we made a quick stop at Twinings on Fleet Street and saw the Royal Court. While we were there, we just HAPPENED to see camera crews outside, and one of them was interviewing what looked like a rich woman…I took pictures just for the heck of it. Only to hear down the road that it was Heather Mills. Interestingly though, when I look at my photos, her face looks too chubby to be Heather Mills…although others assure me that it’s her. In any case, even if it wasn’t Heather, she was rich, and caught a taxi with the lift of her finger. To top off the night, we went to see Les Miserables and it was AMAZING. I gotta say, I really liked whoever was playing Jean that night, because his voice was unique and captivating.
Amazing musical…everyone should go! Ahh…well that’s all. It doesn’t sound like we did much, but I sure did have a lot to write about! Off to Germany tomorrow!
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