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We were trying to decide between Maastricht and Liege, and we went for Liege because it seemed like a bigger city, and therefore more likely to have places that were open for us to eat at/look in etc. HOWEVER, we drove to Liege, and once we got toward the center of the city of town, we had no idea what to look for. Everything was closed, there was nowhere to park, and everything was in French. None of us know any French…haha! So, we decide to head for the Cathedral we see in the center of town…we drove around it in circles as I frantically took photos out of the car window…and sometimes behind me at things I could not see, which resulted in many a crooked frame.

After doing this for a few minutes, we realized that we likely would not be finding a place to eat in this city, and beyond that it wasn't a very car-park-friendly city, nor was it all that aesthetically pleasing…it was more just a city…and a French one at that. We did see a church on the top of a hill though which looked pretty neat, so we attempted to drive up to it and take some photos. We seemed to do continual spirals upward, and miraculously we came upon it within a few turns of arriving at the top (very much unlike Old North Church in Boston, where you can constantly see it, but never seem to actually find it). We parked the car right outside the church and got out to take some photos. While the church seemed pretty from the outside, we couldn't help but notice the broken windows and construction on the outside.
We learned that there had been a fire in the church, and this was probably partly why it was sort of in a ruined state. We could peek in and see the stained glass on the other side of the church, and we could take photos on the outside, but there was no way to actually get inside. As we were running around the church, I inevitably stepped in Dog poo and had a heck of a time getting it off (which I still don't believe I have fully done) attempting such measures as swishing my shoe in puddles, rubbing it in grass, using sticks and trying scented wet wipes. After this lovely excursion, we decided it was time to leave Liege and head back to Cologne to see if perhaps some shops were open. As we left town, we saw a few beautiful buildings on the outside, with no windows and a charred inside. I guess they have a problem with fires in Liege. I still, ironically, thought Liege was still a pretty cool town. Maybe it was the Frenchness…who knows. It was reminiscent of Naples though…maybe that's it.

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photo by: ela82