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September 19, 2008

  • Mom made us a great breakfast of eggs, sausage, and pancakes. It was so good and I was very grateful that mom got up early to make me such a good breakfast.
  •  We drove to the village from our campground.
  • We finished looking at the climber’s museum and the Indian museum. In the Indian museum, there were some beautifully woven baskets that were huge! They could fit 2-3 small kids inside them.
  • We went and had some very good pizza. We also saw the lodge that was very pretty and some very fat squirrels. It was very funny because we caught one that had a huge slice of bread it his mouth. It looked very scared by the fact that we caught him and was trying to find a way out, so we let him go between us.
  •  We went to the campground reservations were we put our name on the waiting list for the campground in the village. We were number 25 so out chances looked very slim.
  • We walked on a path through the meadow and through the Lower and Upper Pine Campgrounds. They looked very pretty and were paved and level, as opposed to the campsite we have now.
  • We walked back and bought a drink at the village store. It was very good but halfway through Lia got so excited there were so many bike paths throughout the park that she knocked over her drink and it went everywhere. When I picked up what was left (about half the drink), it kept fizzing and fizzing for a while. It looked like a volcano and was very entertaining for the neighbors.
  • We walked over to the area where they were going to tell us who got the last campsites in the village. We waited for about 10 minutes when they announced who was going to get the campsites. Sixteen campsites were given out but unfortunately, we didn’t get a site. Everybody but about 4 couples left and we stayed behind to see what number they got to on the list when we someone came back and returned 2 campsites. We got a site and gave a nice german couple site at the other campground. I got to ride back with them and give them our recite.
  • After that, we went to our new campsite and rode bikes around. We went to happy isles and walked to trail to “the fern”, a marsh. It was very pretty. We went back to are campsite and I typed this.  Until tomorrow!
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