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July 26, 2008

  • Went on a River Discovery boat. It was really cool. We got to visit a Indian village. It was amazing and they did a really good job. We also got to see some sled dog pull an ATV around at about 20 M.P.H. They were really fast but the funniest part was when the people told the dogs they were ready to go. The dogs went completely crazy. I can not imagine a dog sled race when all 71 dog sleds with 16 dogs each all going nuts. It was really funny. Then we went on to the Indian village, they tour people gave a wonderful tour. They were really funny and we learned about the Athabasca Indian’s clothes, shelters, food, meat and pelts, and many, many things. We were able to see about 10 different pelts, including beaver, wolf, minx, and a small white pelt about the size of my hand that they called a Texas sixe polar bear!! They also had a bunch of giant reindeer. We learned that the difference between a caribou and a reindeer is that a reindeer is domestic and a caribou is wild. The tour guide was telling us how to call and moose when she said it was her job to demonstrate so she cleared her throat, leaned forward and called “here, moosie, moosie, moosie.” It was really funny and totally unexpected. We then learned about the sled dogs and were able to pet them. They were all very friendly and it was funny when at one point in the presentation these 2 puppies where playing. One was inside the doghouse and one out, so the one outside grabbed the others tail and was trying to pull him out of the doghouse when all the other dogs came running up to doghouse to break up the fight. It was like they were all one big family. We also meet this woman named Dixie who skinned and sliced a salmon for in about 10 seconds. Then she showed us some of the bead work she did on moose and bear hides. Some of her work was on display in Washington D.C., and I can see why. She was really good and the tour guides modeled her clothes for us.
  • We then hopped on the boat and returned the R.V. We headed then went to Safeway and bought some shrimp and scallops for dinner. We then headed back to the campground and I had dinner along the river where it was very nice and peaceful.
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photo by: Hummingbird