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Hey Everybody!


First off, I wanted to thank everyone for reading my blog. I so far, I have had 5200 views! I am sorry I haven’t done a very good job posting.

Honduras(◀ Nicaragua)

We have 5 more days till we head off to Mexico. I am so excited. So far I have learned all the Mexican states and have read many books on Mexico. We will not have very good internet, but we hear internet cafes are plentiful, so I should post about once a month! J Here is some things I have learned about Mexico.

 Panama(◀ Panama)

  1. It is gorgeous! I can’t wait for the white sandy beaches and the beautiful emerald water.
  2. El Salvador(◀ El Savador) It is not a good idea for a non-Mexican single woman/girl to go anywhere alone,   because some of the Mexican men are a bit assertive, so Charles is going to be my boyfriend. How scary is   that! Not that I don’t love Charles, but pretending my brother is my boyfriend for 4 months is not my idea of fun.
  3. Costa Rica(◀ Costa Rica) We don’t have to understand anything we don’t want to. It you just say no or keep speaking in English, there is nothing they can do so they will let you go. I think it is a great idea.
  4. Belize (◀ Belize) Many hotels offer overnight parking and use of all the facilities for a fee. Since there are not many campgrounds, this is a wonderful option.
  5. Guatemala(◀ Guatemala) If there is a campground with electric, don’t plug in. Instead of giving you power, many times it will take away your power. It is a better idea just to use your generator.

 Mexican Flag(◀ Mexico)

So far Mexico sounds like a lot of fun and I can’t wait. I’ll try to write soon!

JazyUS Flag

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