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Mt. Rainer National Park, September 3, 2008


We are at Ohanapecosh campground in Mt. Rainer National Park (NP). It is night and I can’t see anything. Tomorrow we are going on a hike and we will see 1000 year old trees and I can’t wait! It’s bed time. Better get to bed! Zzzzz.


Mt. Rainer National Park, September 4, 2008


Wow! We are still in Mt. Rainer NP. I just woke up and I looked outside and I saw the tallest tree I have ever seen! I couldn’t even see the top! It was a beautiful view with the little sun poking through the trees. It’s all just so beautiful! After that we went to see the 1000 year old trees. We saw a tree that looked 12 feet in diameter but then our camera ran out of batteries. Oh, well. One of the trees was called Western Redwood. The Native Americans used it to make baskets, hats, blankets, and rope. Some trees were lying down and trees out of it. The tree is called a nurse log. Then we say a waterfall and that was cool. It had several waterfalls that came together. Also, we went to Box Canyon. And we couldn’t even see the water because it was so deep. That was so cool. We also got to see a Lake Louise. Behind that was Mt. Rainer. It was so beautiful and a volcano. We get to go to both sides of Mt. Rainer. One side had a lot of snow. The other side didn’t have much snow. Then we saw Reflection Lake. It had orange like clay on the show and then dark green in the middle. Then we went to another overlook that was pretty with a view of the pentacles and snow on them. Then we saw Paradise River. That was pretty cool. The waterfall had a big drop and it was fast moving. Now we are going to Paradise Visitor Center. It looked kind of moldy on the top but the parking was full so we just looked. The new Visitor’s Center looked better but it opens October 10, 2008. Then we drove down the road to Narada Falls. That was breath-taking, and I mean IT! The waterfall was 168 feet and BIG rainbow. It almost looked fake! Then we went to another overlook. It showed us where a Glacier was and disappeared. Then we drove up to the Visitor’s Center and went to the suspension bridge. That was cool. Then we went to a museum and we saw a section of a tree stump and there were signs that said what happen in that tree’s life, like World War II and Christopher Columbus comes to America.  Then we got ice cream. That was good!! Yummy!



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photo by: mr_shanet