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horses of doom

Ouch. Well our night out in Te Anau left me feeling a little tiny bit worse for wear. fortunately, I didn't need to contend with public transport as i'd managed to get a lift back to Queenstown. This had the added bonus on allowing us to leave a lot earlier that the bus (which would have wasted half the day).

Despite the hangover, I decided to go ahead with my plans anyway, So I booked an afternoon of horseriding. I'd like to point out firstly that this was not my idea, Neil had suggested it last weekend, but due to certain technical issues we had been unable to go. Now the idea was in my head i'd decided I should go ahead anyway.

The ride was called 'The river wild' and involved fording some rivers and riding about on the flood plane near Glenorchy  all very nice. Once I was sitting up on my horse, Murphy, I realised how utterly uncomfortable the things are, how high up they are and how i'd much rather by somewhere nursing my hangover which was none of those things.

The first half of the ride was uneventful, but about half way Murphy started to play up - it wasn't long before I was asked to swap horses with the guide to the MASSIVE Manuel (a stunt horse who had been in Narnia, ooohhh). I then got to see guide struggle to control the kicking, bucking, Murphy. At which she called over her shoulder 'I bet your glad you're not on him now!'. mmmhhh, I wasn't particularly impressed to be on or near any horses by this point.

I was very happy to get back to the stables and declare that i'm never going on a horse ever again. ever.

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horses of doom
horses of doom
photo by: kiwiasli