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I'm leaving for Iowa in 4 hours... driving down and back in a day... I hope this doesn't deter any plans!

We decided to meet at work which is a 15 minute drive for me.  Usually in the morning I set my alarm to go off a half hour before I actually get out of bed and I push snooze the whole time... so needless to say if you textmessage me early I won't get it until last minute... which is what happened today.  Matt, the one guy who went with us, found this out the first month I was here and I scheduled a training in the Morning that was required for all my employees... he wanted to know if he could wear casual clothes or if he had to wear a uniform... I got the text at 9:30AM and the training was at 10.  I called him... he was like, uhh... I sent that to you an hour ago... did you just wake up.  Yeah.. he was astounded.

Well, I woke up and looked at my phone.

Yikes... I hope the roads are cleared before my road trip in 4 hours!
. it was Valerie asking if we should still go because of the snow.  And as with any great traveller I said Uhh... Yeah... snow doesn't stop me!  she still sounded weary... so I asked her if she remembered that snow storm in 2002 that shut down all of NYC?  She said yeah and I told her that I drove for 8 hours in that to get home... if I would've left an hour or 2 later I wouldn't have been able to make it out of the city.  She seemed a little more secure and I also reminded her that the weather in Iowa was supposed to be in the high 40 degree F's to the low 50's... so she was even happier.

I got to the parking lot of where we were meeting and I knew matt might be a little late... he had to get his brother on the school bus.

  But I haven't heard from Kyle.  He has a pay as you go phone which had no minutes but since I'm a verizon customer he still got my text messages and could text me for free.  I texted him at 20 til 8 and asked if he was still going... no response.  Matt got there and tried the same thing... asking where he was... no response.  We waited 20 minutes incase he got stuck in snow and drove around the parkinglot for if he was parked somewhere other than where I told everyone to park the night before. Nothing. 

Now the funny thing is is that Kyle's the one who wanted to do this.  He is the one who initiated it and is the one who wanted to go to Sonic on the way and would do anything to go there (otherwise we would've drove to Madison, WI which is an hour closer but no Sonic on the way).

..  Matt and Valerie still said they wanted to go... we were thinking of something else to do but withthe snow on the ground we couldn't figure out what and with the storm going east if we went to Wisconsin we'd be driving with the storm which wouldn't have been fun.

So by the time we got to Iowa there was no snow on the ground.  The one thing I wanted to do was drive back roads... if you read about my day blog to Buffalo, NY to get chicken wings (the original place that made them) we went a back road and saw some fun stuff.  But with the distance it was away that would've taken us twice as long.  But there were some interesting things to see... like a water tower with a smiley face on it... a Harley Davidson Store which was built in a Barn!  I wanted a photo of the harley shop but we didn't have time to stop and on the way back there was a median wall blocking me from it!!! 

Driving through Iowa is very serene but sort of boring... maybe I'll find a different route next time and it'll be a better adventure!  I'll just go without a destination!

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Im leaving for Iowa in 4 hours...…
I'm leaving for Iowa in 4 hours..…
Yikes... I hope the roads are clea…
Yikes... I hope the roads are cle…
photo by: WalterC