March 21st. Full Moon Party!

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I woke up around 10:00am to the sound of waves and people laying out talking by the pool.  It felt great to wake up and look outside and see such a beautiful view right outside my door!!

Started out my day with some relaxation by the pool... and then a little more relaxation on the beach.  Mac, Matt and his brother and friends and I all hung out on the beach, throwing the frisbee and catching some sun for most of the day.  Mac's brother eric (who has been teaching in Thailand for about 6 months) had a bungalow rented from Nin, a friend of his who runs  Ocean Front Bungalows at Had Yaun, which was just around the next cove.  We all went over there around 6pm because Nin invited us to a bar-b-que he was having where he served Chicken and Fries.

   We all got on the longtail boat and took it around to Had Yuan.  Nin's bungalows were amazing... built right into the rocks and cliffs, and there was a wooden walkway built between all of the bungalows and the main restaurant/bar.  As we were pulling up to a large rock with steps formed onto it out of concrete, the feeling was surreal.  It felt like we were pulling up to a pirate's hideaway!  We climbed up the rocks and went to the restaurant where we all ate and watched the sun trade it's spot with the moon.  Full moon was out!!!  =)

We enjoyed the good food and good company, and listened to some music, relaxing before returning to Had Rin for the huge party.  "The calm before the storm" we all said!  Haha.


After a few hours, and a little nap laying on a cusion on the deck of the restaurant, we all packed back into the longtail boat and started back to Had Rin.  Coming around the corner from the peaceful, quiet beach at Had Yaun, and then witnessing the Full Moon Party already fully alive (it was around 11pm at this time).  We all looked in awe as we approached the half mile stretch of beach covered with thousands upon thousands of people covered in glow in the dark paint, buckets of alcohol being sloshed around as people danced to many different types of music.  It was insane!!  We all went back to our rooms quickly to drop off anything we didn't want lost or broken, and then off to the party! 

What happened for the next 10 hours can only be described if you witness it.

  There were people at every angle, and enough sensory overload to keep you in shock the whole time.  Fire spinning, Flaming Limbo, people dancing EVERYWHERE!  (I will put up some really good pictures soon.)  I must have danced for 6 hours straight!  What a workout!  Then the sun began to reclaim it's spot from the moon and the party was still in full effect!  It's crazy going from darkness and glowing paint, to sunshine and still have everyone dancing and partying at the same pace!  I stayed on the beach until about 7:30 and then I took a girl I met who was from London, back to her bungalow on Ban Kai beach, about 5 km away.  We took my little motorbike there and had breakfast at her place on a nice quiet, private beach.
  It was very peaceful after a long night of chaos! 

After I left there I headed back to my place and decided to take one last stroll down the beach.  Before I did I found my buddy Matt passed out in the hammock on the porch of my bungalow, full dressed wearing his sunglasses... half of his body hanging out of the hammock! haha.  On the beach there were a bunch of people passed out in the sand.. some face down.  Can't imagine the hangover they suffered!  The music had stopped by this time (around 9:30am) but there were still hundreds of people not ready to stop.  It was like a war zone!  haha =)

I continued back to my bungalow where I showered and hit the mattress!  It was around 10:30-11:00 am by that time, I had officially been up over 24 hours! 

It only took minutes for me to fall asleep!


(Pictures will be posted soon.)

travelphilippines says:
cant wait to go on oct.
Posted on: Jun 20, 2008
JeAr says:
party animal! :P
Posted on: Apr 08, 2008
najiah10 says:
wow when i was there it was a half-moon party. and it was held right smack in the middle of a forest! pretty cool, ay? but not as crazy, i think. i feel like going again!
Posted on: Apr 06, 2008
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Koh Phangan
photo by: alanmica