Finally arrived in Bangkok.. First day in Thailand and already having a blast!

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Just getting out of the taxi on Khaosan Rd.

So i got into Bangkok last night aronud 10pm.. Met two other people who were also travelling alone on the plane from Beijing and we hung out on the flight to BKK.  We ended up sharing a cab and went over to the notorious Khao San Rd.  =)  It was about 11pm when we got there, and we found a couple rooms at the RIkki Inn.  Not a bad spot, pool on the roof, kind of new.  After waiting about an hour for the rooms to  be cleaned we showered and hit the streets for a drink or two.  Had a great night, met tons of people and ended up throwing a frisbee with some locals in the street until 630am! 

My new buddy Matt had a flight booked to Ko Samui, and then a high speed boat over to Ko Phangan for the full moon party.

Excitement at every angle!!! =D (Matt and Me)
  His flight was at 8am, so he had to catch a cab to airport early that morning with no sleep.  Basically rented a room to use for a shower and a temporary storage!!  haha.  So that left me and Shelby... She had hit the bed earlier that evening around 3ish, and we had to wake her to check out of one of the rooms in order to get back the 1000 Baht deposit.  I showered again and saw the sun begin to creep through the window as I tried to lay down and catch some rest...  It never came!  I think a combination of jet lag, and the time difference in the states (12hrs ahead here), and all of the excitement and thoughts of this fun new world kept me awake.  I rolled around for an hour or so until I realized sleep was not coming.  I starting moving around a bit and then got dressed and went out to see the street come to life.
McDonalds delivers in Bangkok?!

All of the locals were setting up their carts for the day of business.  Freshly squeezed oranges, banana pancakes made to order, earlier morning pad thai, fresh fruit... it was all there.  I opted for a trip to 7-11 (haha, i know!!!)  and grabbed a yogurt, espresso, and a breakfast pastry all for about 45 Baht (1.50 US$).  I think I love it here!!!   Haha.

So now we are on Day two in Bangkok.  After eating my breakfast clumsily as i stood on the curb, while all of the Tuk-Tuk drivers offering to show me the city,  we walked around a bit looking for a place to buy a new battery for my cell phone.  I brought an old cell i had and got a pre-paid SIM with a Thai number.  Much cheaper to call back home if I need to (0.25 per/min instead of 1.99!), and also very cheap to call locally.  And the way I see it, I'm travelling alone...  If i want to meet up with someone that i met previously I can just have them call me on my "HAPPY" brand pre-paid cell number!!  =D Anyway, back to my mission.. I needed a new battery.  It wouldn't hold a charge since it was so old.  I found out there was nowhere close that i would have one, and was told I would have to go to MBK shopping center. (More on that later) 

So we headed back to the RIKKI Inn for a swim on the roof around 930am and laid in the sun for a bit.  We had a great view of the whole city!  Shortly after hit up a internet cafe, and then bought a few small things from the street vendors.  "Lot Noi dai mai" - "Can you make it cheaper?"  I was putting my bargaining skills to work. 

We checked out of the room and then I went over to D&D Inn, where I am now, and got a room.  Shelby was leaving on a bus to Laos latter that afternoon so I got a room on my own.  Settled in there and then off to this MBK shopping center I kept hearing about.  After hassling with the Tuk-tuk driver and his attempts to get me to stop at a jewelry store, or suit store (they pay him a commission) I finally got him in route to the shopping center.  We arrived and found out that this place I pictured in my head was WAY larger and crazier than I could have imagined.  A 7 story mall, with thousands of busy people selling anything and everything you could think of.  There was basically a whole floor dedicated to cell phones and prepaid services.  Scored a new battery!!  =)

After an hour or two there we headed back through the busy streets of Bangkok to Khao San Rd.  It was very smoggy and hectic from all the motorcyles and cabs... But was definitley a fun ride.  Even the children are fearless on the crazy streets, weaving in and out of buses, cars, and motorcyles, stacked 4 high on one bicycle!!  =)

Got back went to the new hotel, jumped up to the roof and laid out by the pool where I took a brief nap... still before that point running on basically no sleep at all!  We walked around a bit up until Shelby had to catch her bus, and then she was on her way.  I headed back up to the roof and decided to get a massage.  Only 300 Baht (Less than $10US) for an hour full body oil massage.  I laid under the Gazebo on a mat in pure bliss as the girl relaxed to me to point of sleep a few times.  It was great.  Right after that I stepped into the internet room here on the roof also and began writing this... I am going to add a few pics and then head back to my room to sleep.  No late night tonight. I have a 6am flight to Ko Samui, and then a boat to Ko Phangan to get prepared for the full moon!  Funny thing, my new friend matt and I both booked a place on Ko Phangan before getting to Thailand and they happen to be within walking distance on the same beach!  haha.  Awesome!  We're meeting up around noon and then there will be a new adventure in the making.

More to come soon...

JeAr says:
cool story! looks like u discovered a whole new world with this trip lol =D
Posted on: Apr 08, 2008
najiah10 says:
i enjoyed reading your entry! and yes, i believe macdonalds deliver everywhere in asia. pretty convenient when you get hungry in the middle of the night with nthing to eat.

khao san rd is awesome isn't it. i was using the internet at the same inn when i was there ;) and yes, the cab drivers keep pestering you to go to the jewelery store don't they!
Posted on: Apr 06, 2008
mke823 says:
That's awesome! They're really on to something here! ;)
I'll have to recommend that in the states!
Posted on: Mar 23, 2008
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Just getting out of the taxi on Kh…
Just getting out of the taxi on K…
Excitement at every angle!!!  =D (…
Excitement at every angle!!! =D …
McDonalds delivers in Bangkok?!
McDonalds delivers in Bangkok?!
photo by: Deats