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In the back of the jeep. Or "heap" as I called it!!

Matt, Mac, and I all decided since we had the jeep rented for one last day that we'd get up early and go explore the island.  Since we all got plenty of sleep we got up around 7:00am got breakfast buffet at the place we were staying and piled in the ridiculously small, and loud! jeep.   We were off to the west coast of the island.. We drove to the southwest corner to Thong Sala (town with the main pier) and stopped there to grab a few things.  We drove up the west coast and slowed down every few hundred meters to snap pictures. (I have taken SO many pictures it's ridiculous.. once I get to a faster connection I will upload them)  All this time I was in the back of the jeep, cramped with my knees to my chest, trying to see throught the pealing, wavy window tint on the small Suzuki Samuri Jeep.

  We got to Had Yao on the northwest side of the island and got out to say hi to a friend of matt's he met the first night on the island.  He was building a resort and let matt stay in one of the finished bungalow for a steal at only 400 baht.  After that I decided it was time to stretch my legs, so I stood in the back, truck bed part of the jeep and held on to the roof rack as we scoot throught the windy roads.  I got somegreat pictures!!!

We drove to the north side of the island to Chakolom Bay (spelling?) and took some more pictures there.  I got a good photo with one of the local fishermen (will post later). =)  After a quicks top at the 7-11 for drinks, back to the jeep... 

We trhen took a road in through the mainland in search of a waterfall I saw on the map in my lonely planet guide book.

Feeding elephants bananas.
.. On the way we saw a safari place that had elephants you could feed, or ride through the mountains.  We opted to just feed them a few baskets of bananas and take some pictures since we were pressed on time.  We had to be back to the hotel around noon to check out.  After some good pics we were back on the road.

We found the signs for the national park that had the waterfalls. Phaeng Falls I think they were called.  We hiked a few hunddred meters up a path after getting there and found that the falls were pretty dry at this point in the year.. There hadn't been much rain in a while.  It was still beautiful and fun, and got some great pics.. so it was totally worth the short hike.  ( I hope to do a lot more hiking/trekking soon, and will!)

After about an hour we headed back towards the bungalows.

National Park
. We got them to extend our check out time until about 5pm so we could have aplace to store our bags until  our friends from Ocean Front bunglaow picked us up by taxi boat.  We were going to stay there this night and the only way to get there is by boat.  They were coming for us at 6pm. 

So with a few hours to kill we did what anyone on a tropical island would do... we enjoy the sun and ocean!  The beach was swtill scattered with people that looked like they were recovering from the big party.. Not as many people thowing frisbees, or playing paddle ball on the beach this day.  Mostly people laying out, or sleeping on a towel on the beach.  It seemed like a different place!

Around 5pm I went back and showered and got all my stuff ready to head around the point to our new home for the night.

  We all got on the long tail boat and stacked our baggage in trying not get it wet.  After a few cranks of the tired old engine the battery had died.. These boat drivers were fearless!!!  They borrowed a battery from another boat  driver and used their inginuity, or insanity haha, to jump start the boat.  Basically just set the battery next to the dead one and grabbed two wrenches from the tool box.  Then on e of the drivers stood on the wrenches to give it good pressure, wet feet and all!!  The engine cranked right up as we all watched in shock waiting for the driover to get shocked!!!  It didn't happen.  Maybe some tough feet?? I don't know!! haha

About 100 meters out the boat died again!!! haha...

Thai Jumper cables
it was a funny experience.  I have some good pictures I will post of the "Thai Jumper Cables"!  =)  We hailed another boat to give us a hand and they jumped the boat again using the same process... this time we made it!!

Pulling up to the bungalows was no less shocking and beautiful the second time I witnessed it.  I am in love with this place!!  Bungalows scattered on steep cliffs, built into the rocks.. beautiful greenish blue water splashing against the rocks as we pulled to boat to our dock (a huge rock!!).  We carried our bags out onto the slick rtock and made our way up the steep steps onto the wooden walkway that surrounded all of the bungalows and restaurant/bar.  We were greeted with a warm welcome and they quickly showed us our rooms and took our baggage up.  Only 300 baht a night of such a beautiful place ($10US)!!!  Amazing! 

We sat around and had dinner and talked of our fun so far as the sun set and the moon came up, reminding us more of the crazy night only recently a thing of the past.  This side of island was much more peaceful and calm. 

Matt, Mac, his brother Eric, and I all walked down the beach to one of the few bars and decided to watch the big footbal game between Arsenal and Chelsea.. We played a few games of pool as we watched and then decided to head over to a party up the hill after the game.  It was at a place called Eden Garden.  More black lights, glowing paint on the bar, and loud dance music filled the air.   There were only about 12-15 people there, but they were partying hard enough for twice that many.  I t was fun to watch.. =) 

There were glow in the dark twister games painted on the deck that glowed in the black lights.  About 5 of us decided to play a gmae.. Why not??!!  =)  After it seemed like an eternity, the other guy and I decided to call a draw.. we were tired of playing..  Plus all of the girls had lost, and it just wasn't as fun anymore!!  ;) Haha

Mac and eric headed back to their rooms on the other side of the bay, and Matt and I stayed to dance and have fun meetin new people.  There were some real characters there!  =)  I stepped out on a rock at about 2am to try and call my family and wish them a happy easter.. I got a few minutes in before my phone cut out.. and then the battery died. I tried!

After too many hours of dancing on still sore calfs, I was back to the bunaglow.  At this time it was 4:30am!!! Another crazy night in Ko Phangan.  I showered and fell asleep almost instantly..

(More soon...)

Venus_83 says:
Requesting for more and more!!!my dear!!
Posted on: Apr 10, 2008
ratu says:
Yes, MORE!
Posted on: Apr 09, 2008
hummingbird50 says:
Fun and adventure...thanks for the great story! :)
Posted on: Apr 08, 2008
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In the back of the jeep.  Or heap…
In the back of the jeep. Or "hea…
Feeding elephants bananas.
Feeding elephants bananas.
National Park
National Park
Thai Jumper cables
Thai Jumper cables
Koh Phangan
photo by: alanmica