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enjoying a cold smoothie at Capture Cafe
Day 5 (continued in the list)

Coffee Shops and Bars

Coffee Shops
- Capture Studio Café is my favorite coffee place in town. It is not located in the strip where everything else is, but the extra distance trades off with great hangout place, a much spacious area, a large TV monitor, live music, arts exhibit, and a very trendy restroom! Capture not only serves coffee and the standard muffins or cookies, it also serves lunch cold and toast sandwiches and salad. 

- Crimson Café is a popular coffee place on the strip. It is usually packed with students having their coffee, or sandwich, or chat with other students. However, the place serves delicious giant cake slices, which is always an attraction to me. The place is not that bad if you have only few minutes to run get some coffee because it is just right there on the strip.
Sandwich and chips

- Wicked Beans is another coffee place where I would go if I don’t have enough time, don’t want to drive all the way downtown, or if Crimson café is too packed. Wicked Beans used to be ‘Bad Ass Coffee.’ The backside of the premise is arranged with seats and rocking chairs overlooking the strip at an angle.

Tuscaloosa is a dry county, so no alcohol purchase on Sunday. And these bars are closed accordingly on Sundays (starting at 3 AM).

- Houndstooth, currently under construction, will reopen in summer. It is a great place to hang out because it has the only outdoor drinking patio in the strip. I should warn you, though, avoid the place during the Alabama football home games. The place is packed like a frozen coffee packet. You cannot possibly shuffle your way into the bar in the patio, let alone getting a pitcher.
Some of the many art exhibits in Capture Cafe

- Egan’s is a cool vintage place right in front of Houndstooth on the strip. It is tiny, though.
- Cheap Shots is also another tiny bar on the strip, but it has a booth seating row at the back so it is very nice.
- 4th & 23rd is located in the downtown bar and restaurant areas. It charges for cover, but it showcase live music. I like this place, as well.
- Wil Hagan’s is located behind the block downtown on 4th Ave. I used to go there with a bunch of friends to play pool. They have about 10 tables there.
- Innisfree Irish Pub is located on the other side of the downtown bars on Greensboro, next to Epiphany restaurant. It is a small place but cozy. It has a mezzanine where a small group of people can kick back and have some cold one.
in the cafe

- Catch 22 is located just around the corner from Innisfree on Greensboro and 6th St. It has a small fenced outdoor patio with chairs and tables for people to drink outside. It is a nice place �" a more grown up, I think because the other bars on the strip are just full of students. If you sit down outside in the patio you looking straight at the historic downtown Bama Theater.

Wine Tasting
- Carpe vino is located on Greensboro and 4th St downtown. The place is fairly new. It has great interior. You can taste, and buy, wine from all over the world. I personally think it is a great atmosphere and a great break among the rows of sports bars.

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enjoying a cold smoothie at Captur…
enjoying a cold smoothie at Captu…
Sandwich and chips
Sandwich and chips
Some of the many art exhibits in C…
Some of the many art exhibits in …
in the cafe
in the cafe
another art exhibit at Capture Cafe
another art exhibit at Capture Cafe
photo by: o_dog