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Pizza and Wine at Cafe Venice
Day 4 (continued in the list)

-    Café Venice and De Palma’s, both in downtown Tuscaloosa on University Blvd. The restaurants actually stand almost opposite each other. Café Venice holds the Wednesday Night Half Price Pizza and Wine by the bottle, and De Palma’s has an awesome menu from antipasti down to its killer Tiramisu for dessert.  

-    Pepito’s on the University Blvd Strip area. Try its nachos locos ☺ -- that’s my favorite.
-    el Rincon just a couple of doors down from Pepito’s. I like its enchilada and they make mean margaritas, Curacao or Mango margaritas are among of my favorites.
The Globe Restaurant in Northport

-    Cancun Mexican Restaurant is at 2200 Mcfarland Blvd E. They have 2 menus: the menu or the ‘other’ menu. The menu is the pretty much the same menu as with the other Mexican restaurant where you can get Carne Asada while the OTHER menu lists the real Mexican food with the stuff you would never find in other Mexican restaurant. Like the owner once said to me: ‘would like the American menu or the Mexican menu?’   

-    Benkei Japanese is located on McFarland Blvd NE just off Rice Mine Rd. NE. The teppanyaki-style restaurant is the best among the sleuth of other Japanese restaurants in town. It is the best Japanese food you get for the money.
-    Buffet City Chinese is located on Skyland Blvd E.
Thai food at Ruan Thai restaurant
past a Pier 1 Imports and a WalMart. Love the Mongolian barbecue there. Great selection for a buffet. Very affordable and always open during the days no other food establishments, except for the fast food, are open. Last year I didn’t get the flight out till the day after Christmas so I went there to get some food. I was surprised I was not alone ☺  
-    Swen Chinese restaurant on McFarland Blvd in Northport on the  last strip mall before  US 43N. Delicious, very different from other Chinese restaurants I have dined in. I love their Buddhist Delight (vegetarian dish with tofu).
-    Ruan Thai Restaurant is located on the strip of University Blvd next to a BP station. It is a white house built on an elevated ground so you cannot miss it from the road.
Waiting to be seated at Cypress Inn Restaurant
My favorite is the chicken and cashew dish, thai seafood soup, tofu, and many others that don’t have bamboo shoots in it ☺
-    Maharaja India is located on 15th St and Hackberry Rd in the corner strip mall that has a bowling center. Great Indian food. Love the mango lassi. Reasonable price.
-    Little Tokyo Vietnamese/Japanese is located just next door from the Indian restaurant. Its sushi and pho are delicious and in big portion.

- Mugshots Grill & Bar serves big bad hamburgers and fries. It is located on Greensboro Ave. in the restaurant/bar row just next to Epiphany restaurant (will be explained later in ‘fine dining’ and the Irish pub Innisfree (also in ‘bars’). My favorite is Stu’s Magic Mushroom that stacks the freshly grilled burger patty topped with sautéed mushroom and provolone cheese and veggies.
with a group of friends at Swen Chinese restaurant
With a side of fries, the burger gives an empty stomach a satisfactory feeling. I also love the fried mushrooms as appetizer.

-    Tut’s is located snugly on the University Blvd strip and Grace St. next to Houndstooth Bar. Even though the place is small, it serves mean gyro (my favorite) and other Mediterranean foods.
-    Another Mediterranean restaurant Hooligan’s, located a little further down University Blvd toward downtown, is much bigger and has a courtyard eating place. It is also very good. I love the baklava.

Fine Dining
-    the Globe restaurant is located in downtown Northport on the corner of Main Ave. and 5th St. The restaurant’s entire walls are decorated with Shakespearean-themed paintings and knick-knacks. The menu is a collection of French and Italian food.
-    Cypress Inn and Epiphany. Cypress Inn is reasonably priced and located on the bank of Black Warrior River on Rice Mine Rd., but the Globe and Epiphany are ridiculously expensive -- so just save them for special occasion. I went to the Globe a few times because somebody paid for my meal and to Epiphany with a bunch of friends to celebrate a graduation. In any case, these three would be the best fine dining places I would always choose to go.

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Pizza and Wine at Cafe Venice
Pizza and Wine at Cafe Venice
The Globe Restaurant in Northport
The Globe Restaurant in Northport
Thai food at Ruan Thai restaurant
Thai food at Ruan Thai restaurant
Waiting to be seated at Cypress In…
Waiting to be seated at Cypress I…
with a group of friends at Swen Ch…
with a group of friends at Swen C…
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