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Day 4, April 2
Today (after a breafast identical to yesterday's), we headed out for Westminster Abbey.  Today it was NOT supposed to rain, and it was already drizzling as we left the hotel.  Of course it would be, because we rearranged our plans to do all of our outside things today since the forecast said no rain.  :)

Anway, at the Abbey (10 pounds per person, again!)... it was beautiful, of course.  Very different than St Paul's, and interesting.  We saw all KINDS of graves of famous kings/queens and other people, such as Handel, Pitt and Wilberforce (seen the movie Amazing Grace?), Darwin!, Newton, and lots of poets.  I'm sure there are even more famous ones I'm forgetting.  It was really cool.

From there we walked to the Parliament houses to see Big Ben.  The sun was shining again, yay!  We heard Big Ben ringing the hour when we went into Westminster, and hung around taking pictures until he rang again so I could capture it on video.  Of course, being the blond that I am, I recorded the video long-ways to capture more of the tower's height, only to realize afterward that videos can't be rotated like pictures can, and that it was permanently sideways... lol!  (update...Too bad this, along with all our pictures from this day were destroyed when Jesse's computer crashed later in Como)

After the dinging, we walked towards Trafalgar Square and stopped on the way at a little cafe for some authentic fish and chips.  :)  It was fine, coming from someone who's not a fish fan, but of course we had to try it while we were in England for heaven's sake.

We gazed at the Square for a little while (under construction of course) and then decided last minute to visit the Portrait Gallery.  We skipped a lot of it, but did get to see some original works by DaVinci, Titian, Monet and Rembrandt!  I'm not by any means obsessed with art, but there's something cool about standing in front of the actual piece of famous art. 

After leaving the Gallery, we walked down the Mall toward Buckingham Palace.  I loved the big trees lining the road, and all the flowers in the park.  We walked through the park for the last little bit, and passed by a lovely pond area with white flowering trees that covered the ground almost like snow!  It was beautiful!

We meandered around Buckingham Palace for a while (it's not open for visitors this season) and took some pictures, then headed back to the hotel.  Tonight we ate cheap paninis from a tiny place on our road.  Mine was chicken, avocado, tomato and green olives... a little weird, but certainly not bad, and only like 2 pounds each.  We also bought a slice of cheescake for dessert from the same cafe, and sadly, I found it disappointing.

Yay for stealing internet from the next-door-neighboring hotel!

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photo by: ulysses