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Day 6, April 4

Today we ate a snappy breakfast before catching our metro to the airport.  We got there well in advance of our international flight only to sit around watching the screens till our gate was announced.  The boarding time kept getting closer and closer, and we and the others waiting were getting ancy, but then they delayed our flight so we had a little more time.  Finally they announced the gate about 20 minutes before the plane was supposed to take off!  There was a whole line of us walking through the halls to the gate all at once, which struck me as strange and funny for some reason. 

In this particular airport, they check your passport and boarding pass before letting you enter the seating area.  This way, once they start boarding, they know whoever's in the room is allowed on the plane and it goes a lot faster.  Interesting concept!

On the plane they served us some weird salmon/cream cheese/something sandwiches, which weren't too bad (actually they were pretty tasteless, but maybe that was because of my completely stopped up head from being sick).  By the time we landed, all the junk in my sinuses had been forced into my ears, I think, because my ears were completely plugged and wouldn't pop back.  I could barely hear! 

Anyway, we took a train from the airport to Rome Termini station, and I managed to buy the Roma Pass Piu from the tourist info desk before we got on the train to Zagarolo.  I called Ivano and Terhi, the hosts of our B&B, to let them know we'd be late, and could barely hear Terhi's voice on the phone, but Jesse absolutely refused to speak with them for me, who knows why.

The train ride into Zagarolo seemed much longer than it probably was, because I was feeling so sick with a sinus headache and it was hot and the seats were pretty much all taken so we had to stay with our luggage in the entrance car area, which was also jam packed with people.  But we got there, and Ivano met us and took us to pick up our first ever Italian pizza by the slice! 

Then he dropped us off at Giorgio's cottage for the night as we had agreed, since his place was fully booked for our first night there.  Honestly most of it is a blur because I wasn't feeling well at all.  I remember Giorgio bringing me some tea bags, and telling us how to work the heater, and that's about it.  We ate our pizza (I tried potato, which was good) and went to bed.

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photo by: vulindlela