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Jesse and me on our first tube ride!... exhausted, but happy to be here :)

We finally arrived in London, exhausted from not sleeping on the flight and hungry for some 'real' food (not the airplane stuff, although that was fine), only to realize that we still had to take the shuttle to the main terminals, then the tube, change lines, and walk with our luggage for about ten minutes (getting lost several times, of course) before reaching our hotel.

The train and tube were pretty self-explanatory (thank goodness we started that whole thing in an English-speaking country!), and we managed alright.  The worst part was maneuvering the luggage in and out of the trains/tubes and between people on the crowded streets!  Also, the street signs here are on the buildings, not on the streets, and we weren't used to reading them and I didn't have as good directions as I thought, so we ended up going around in circles for a little while (we had emerged from the tube station, not the train station, and my directions were from the latter).

Our hotel in London, the Surtees
  Anyway, a wonderful elderly lady saw us staring helplessly at our map and pointed us, poor dears, in the right direction.  She also told us that she had always wanted to go to America, but that now she was too old.  I was very glad to have met her.  :)

Anyway, we got to our hotel, the Surtees, eventually.  You have to buzz to get in the front door, and the receptionist, whose desk is in the basement/breakfast room comes up to meet you in the hall.  :)  Our room is the second room on the first floor, quite near the front door.  The bathroom is the tiniest thing I've ever seen in my life... Jesse actually hit his head on the door when he went to sit on the toilet, lol.  The shower curtain doesn't reach the floor either, so everything gets drenched  from there down in the rest of the bathroom.

Our room (number 2) at the Surtees Hotel
  I like the staircase down to the basement - it's kind of crooked, like something you'd see in Lemony Snickets. 

We wandered around a little bit to check out the area, and ended up eating dinner at a walk-up KFC!  We didn't feel like spending a lot of money or time.  They didn't have any of the good KFC items, however: no biscuits, no potato wedges, no mashed potatoes, no extra-crispy chicken.  Just original greasy chicken and fries.  But at least it was a little more substantial than the airplane food.

Tomorrow it's supposed to rain, so I think we're going to the British Museum since it's indoors...

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Jesse and me on our first tube rid…
Jesse and me on our first tube ri…
Our hotel in London, the Surtees
Our hotel in London, the Surtees
Our room (number 2) at the Surtees…
Our room (number 2) at the Surtee…
Our bathroom - so small Jesse hits…
Our bathroom - so small Jesse hit…
photo by: ulysses