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Yay, our Europe vacation has finally begun!  It started out today with laundry and packing and saying goodbye to Shadow (how sad!). 


The Orlando International Airport was more crowded than either Jesse or I have ever seen it.  There were literally swarms of people everywhere we went, which was a lot of places in the airport we had never been, because we wanted to change some dollars to pounds before leaving.  Speaking of that… boy, was it a ripoff!  Not only is the exchange rate bad, but the only place in the airports (Orlando or Atlanta) is TravelEX, which charges more than the bank rate as well as extra fees.  We ended up losing like 20%!!  Jesse was quite upset, but we got over it after a while.


Anyway, we finally got in line at the security checkpoint, which was more like a mass than a line and moved slower than molasses.  There was a random TSA agent that kept moving people who said they were traveling alone, in groups of 5, to a quicker line… but you had to be traveling single…weird.  And it didn’t help the mass of molasses to move any quicker at all.


Once we made it through there, the shuttle area was blocked off and manned by like 10 security/ TSA agents, which made another line/mass of people form at the blockade waiting for the shuttle to come or for someone to tell us why they were herding us like cattle.  Finally the shuttle arrived, and without explanation they let us in to the area.  Except for the lines blocking the doors to the shuttle, which kept us from getting close at all (along with the security agents who kept saying loudly, “Behind the ropes, stay behind the ropes” over and over without explanation either.  Then when the doors opened, they just stepped aside and let us on.  Now wouldn’t it have been easier to let people do it like they used to?   I guess they don’t want a lone bomber to run quickly onto the shuttle and blow only himself up?  Lol… anyway…


Then we finally got to our gate, and there was another line/ mass of people, as well as every seat in the gate area being taken.  We waited in that line for about 45 minutes, because our seats had been unassigned so that all we got at check-in was a ‘seat request’ ticket, only to get to the desk and have them tell us, “You’re on the next flight after this?  You need to come back in 20 minutes and stand in line; we’ll call your name”.  Joy.  Waste of our lives.  But there had been nowhere for us to sit anyway, so we might as well have stood in line.


We got a bite to eat and some Starbucks (more lines!) and headed back to our gate, where our name was never called.  But as they started to board our plane, we took our ‘ticket requests’ to the counter AGAIN and they assigned our seats, C & D, joy again (middle section, NOT what we had booked online).


Once we got on the plane, we waited about 10 minutes before the captain came on and told us we’d be waiting another 15 minutes because they were spacing the planes out because of bad weather.  But enough whining.  We made it to our connecting flight barely on time, and I even had a moment to call Hilary to say goodbye!

Sweetski says:
And finally you're on your way :)
Posted on: Apr 29, 2008
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