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This was the second shot I took from where my friend and I were standing when we arrived at the music festival. The band was George Clinton and Parliament+Funkadelic. The guy on the big screen wore a large diaper!!

I’m trying to find the words to describe the weekend that just passed. It’ll be safe to surmise that it was pretty eventful and took a lot out of me too.

I’d been looking forward to the Sunburst Music Festival that was held in Kuala Lumpur on Mar 15 recently. The festival covered 12 hours of live, unplugged music, which started at 2pm, featured local and international bands as well as solo artistes from jazz, rock as well as r & b and alternative music genres. I was going for one reason: to swoon over and sing along to the music of John Legend! There was no way, though, that I would have been able to survive 12 hours at the festival grounds.

I work the night shift, dealing with the customers of my company’s American client, so we work their hours, too.

The Roots performing one of their many hot hits. They didn't stop, these guys! They just kept going from one single to the next. Well, they didn't for the first five songs and then they took a break and the drummer and percussionist took for a spell.
 When my shift ended at 8am on Sat, I headed to Shah’s Village Hotel in Petaling Jaya city, where I made a reservation, to get as much sleep as possible before getting ready to leave for the festival, at 5pm. After 3 hours of restless sleep, I was up and ready to go.

After my friend picked me up from the hotel, we got a quick bite (or rather, I got a burger)from the nearest A&W before heading to the Bukit Kiara Equestrian and Country club, where the music fest was being held. Unfortunately, it started to pour! My friend decided, to my dismay, to turn back and head to the nearest mall for shelter and a cup of tea while we waited out the downpour.

An hour later, we headed back out and managed to get a parking spot about half a kilometer away from the site.

Sigh... my John Legend. I wish I was closer to the stage to get a better shot of him performing.
Checking the time schedule to make sure we didn’t miss out on any good performances, we headed straight to main stage where all the major acts were scheduled to perform, and caught the last fifteen minutes of George Clinton and his band, Parliament + Funkadelic’s performance before waiting another 2 hours for The Roots to take to the stage next. It was interesting to see the great mix of local and foreign, young and old, music lovers converge to share their love of music from home grown, big name bands like Pop Shuvit and Gerhana SkaCinta to The Roots, Incubus, George Clinton and yes, THE  John Legend.

But I had to wait another 3 hours before I could see the oh-so-yummy John Legend perform. Even when he was due to get on stage, there was a 10-minute delay due to mike trouble and the fact that his piano couldn’t be heard on the stage.

JL getting down with the crowd. What a performer!!
Then, after what felt like ages of waiting, there he was, JOHN LEGEND, for the first time in MALAYSIA, in the flesh, singing live! in front of a crowd of adoring Malaysian fans.  Man, the screams of that crazy fan behind me is still ringing in my ears! And how unfair it was that my buddy and I were unable to get closer to the stage. It could have been me that he picked to dance on stage with him when he performed one of his famous singles. But no! Some screeching teenager got the golden ticket to rub herself up against John’s sweaty body while they dirty danced for a whole 2 minutes!! Well, he probably hasn’t been with a REAL woman before, or he wouldn’t have reached for the cradle. :P

It was two solid hours of excellent showmanship from a gifted and talented performer, and even that wasn’t nearly enough. Come back, John, and sing for us again!! We love you!! Sigh…

By the time his slot was over, I was so exhausted I could have passed out. What a challenge it was, walking out and back to the car. I’ve never stood in one place for 4 hours straight! My knees usually freeze up on me after only an hour of standing without moving. Trying to walk after standing for 4 hours felt I was being whacked on the knee with every painful step! It was a relief to reach the car and make our way back. By the time I got back to my hotel, I’d only had 4 hours of sleep before I had to wake up again for church ( I try to be a good Catholic,  I swear!) before making my way to the train station to get home at 8am.

Just when I thought I had my bed waiting for me when I got into my dad’s car an hour later, after he picked me up from Klang, where I lived, I was told that we were going out on a family Sunday! That meant a movie, lunch and bowling - which we hadn’t done together in a while, my family of 4 siblings, my folks and me.

It wasn’t another 5 hours before I started snapping at my baby brother every time he said something to me. And I kept warning him by saying that I love him, but if he didn’t shut up already, I’d shut him up myself! :P

Well, he did manage to steer clear of me until it was time to go home. Then the two of us slept the rest of the 30-minute journey home. I’d never been happier to see the street leading to my house than I did that Sunday evening!

Looking back, it was a perfect weekend. I got to see John Legend (plus some other luscious figures in the crowd!) and hung out with the family - not something I get to do very often.

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This was the second shot I took fr…
This was the second shot I took f…
The Roots performing one of their …
The Roots performing one of their…
Sigh... my John Legend. I wish I w…
Sigh... my John Legend. I wish I …
JL getting down with the crowd. Wh…
JL getting down with the crowd. W…