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Thursday, 3rd of April


We were at the office, and there we were picked up there, to go to see a harvester working. He cutted down an area of 8 ha in two days (100m³ in one day, they calculated 400 m³ for the area).

Afterwards we went to a forest worker, to see how he makes a thinning, in a area with thin stammes,with a buscutter with a sawblade.

After that we went back to the office for lunch, and after the lunch we had to leave to pull down a beaver dam. On the way to the location, we passed an old castle. We stopped there, and looked at the ruins. It was an old polish castle, from the 17th century. Then we drove to the beaver dam, and pulled it down.



Friday, 4th of April


This morning we were picked up at the school, at 8.30. Then we drove to the office, to pick up some tools, and swich cars. When that was done, we went to the area where we had to work, we had to weed. Making the area around young spruces free of grasses.

After that, we had lunch and went to see a harvester, and forwarder. We were allowed to drive in both of them.



Monday, 7th of April.


We went to an area where we had to cut bushes, between spruces. With the bushcutter. We had to try to keep as much birch and ash as possible, and take all the alder and willow out.


Tuesday, 8th of April.


We continued working with the bushcutter, and the teachers came with us.we had to stop at midday, because of heavy rain. After lunch a forester explained to us how to do the paperworks, and make the maps for thinning and clearcut.


Wednesday, 9th of April.


We were picked up and went to the Elivere Animal Park. After going trough the animal park we looked at some forest workers, who were making a thinning. Then we measured the wood they cut down. We drove back to the office for lunch, and when we were finnished with that, we went to a 'natural' forest to hang up an owl box, but first we had to make a ladder out of some young spruces.



Thursday, 10th of April


We carried planting bags, which included about 100 container-birches. After we carried the pants we went to bear feeding-place, and looked to a big beaver dam. We wanted to pull it down, but the water already did. We saw there bear footprints, and wolf footprints. We also saw the dammage, a beaverdam can cause.

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