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Ok, so I first cleared it with my boss that I have the week off. Then I went to the airport using the city bus system, not that bad, I had my internal frame backpack and that was ok. The plane ride was pretty cool because I met my brother for the same flight to Michigan out of Sky Harbor! Then we found his rent-a-car and went to SCS, the school of my highschool education. They put a new addition on the school that was some millions of dollors and put new lockers in the building (this may seem weird to westerners). Aside from that we went helped the Hall's put a chair in the front of the church for one of the staff that are leaving the school and church. We went to get something to eat at the Boston Market and went out to the town of Oxford. We stopped in a Starbucks and had some coffee drinks and chatted it up about travelling around the world. We then went to our host family that we stayed with (friends of the family). That night we went for a zip line through the forest that was about 50-60 meters, long and fast. Then we went to a family reunion the next day in Northville. I know the Red neck jokes, let them fly right past me! The next day we went from the host family (the Engles) and we went up to Chrystal Lake. That was great but it was a long ride. Monday we hung out. Tuesday we went down the Platte river canoeing. Wednesday we went to Petoske and had a classy lunch then came back for a barbeque dinner at the lodge. Thursday we went to Lake Michigan for a hike.  Friday we went to Mackinac Island and bicycled around the island and had lunch with my old math teacher from SCS, Mr. Brown.  A great teacher and a humble person.  We also went up to Canada to go fishing with both of my math teachers from SCS.  Then on Saturday we drove back to see my Grandparents in Clinton Twp., close to Lake St. Clare.  The time was wonderful, for dinner we went to a greek place.  Sunday we went out for brunch at Long Horn and then went back to the Grandparents for pictures and then went to the airport.  This was great because my flight went from DTW to Chicago Midway then to Sky Harbor. I called Luke and he had just gotten back from Vanncuver. He drove me back and that was the finish of a long week!  The End.
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