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Yeah!  SO I went with a friend to Rocky Point.  That was awesome!  We got down to Ajo and got insurance then we passed through an Alcohol checkpoint.  That was quick and easy.  Then we went about a 100 yards to the nearest party store and bought alcohol.  Then we stopped at a taco stand just on the other side of the border and had "beef" tacos.  Looks like beef and tastes like chicken, it was dog.  We ate dog tacos.  (haha!) Then we got to Rocky Point aka: puerto penasco and went to the bar aka: Manny's immediately when the Suns and mav's game was about over.  That was sour when the Suns lost.  Then we went to the store and bought more alcohol and went to another store and bought fireworks.  That was cool so then we went down to the house, thats right we stayed in a cool brick house in R.P. and we were livin' it up!  but before we got to the house we decided to go fire off some works in the desert.  This Excursion pulls up next to us and people got out and started firing off their works!  So there was a mom and her two kids a girl and a guy Tati and Mike and Tati's friend Courtney.  So me and Luke meet these girls and go back to the house and we unpack.  Then we went down to the beach and went swimming in the Gulf of California with these girls and toward the end I picked up Courtney and carried her out of the surf.  Then they went home and got an ATV and drove it over to the place and we sat on the porch and drank Taquila and talked.  Luke made out with one girl and I acted like a complete nerd and missed all my chances with this other girl.  So the weekend is not over!!!

We then woke up the next morning and went down to the beach and swam in water that was clean and salty aka: Gulf of California and it was like swimming in bath water!  Then we went and hung out at the FIsh market and I bought a hat.  That was cool.  We then ate at a resturant that was on the edge of the water. 

Then on Sunday we hung out at the beach again which is awesome!  We got a banana boat ride which is this huge raft that looks like a banana and is towed by a boat with a motor.  So we all get going and I fell off about 10 seconds into the ride then we all fell off and my friend had a huge cut above her eye and had to go to the doctor and get stitches! Those things can be dangerous...Then we walked up and down the beach with these girls and then we go to Mannys that night for the basket ball game which blew because we lost, again and I hate it when my home team looses!  We went out on the town after that and went to the bar, this time we had a DD and that was cool.  Then we were going to the Pink Cadillac and Mannys and some other bars.  Then we woke up the next morning and went to the beach again!  Then sun was out every day and the weather is perfect, some nights it was windy and some nights it was not.  Then on the way out of Mexico we stopped in a resturant and had fish and shrimp tacos, because you can't fake the meat, say its beef and serve dog as food.  Anybody for tacos del gatos?  those are cat.  (haha!)  So the fish tacos were really tasty and I would go and do it again so many times!  We made it back in time for the sun to just go down, this was a memorable adventure.

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Puerto Penasco
photo by: Africancrab