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So I am in California with my parents for the weekend.  I thought that it was long enough since the last time I was with them was on the Michigan trip (see the other blog)  I just got back from mountian biking in the Aliso Woods and Woods canyon.  That was pretty cool because we biked to some historical spots that were on the trail and what we thought was downhill was actually uphill the whole way in to the park.  The bike ride that was back out of the canyon was pretty short because we were cruising over the dirt path pretty fast.  I almost ditched at one point but got control back from the road.  Then we tied up the bikes on the bike rack and came home.  My dad and I just drank about a 3 beers each and we are having a great time just sitting around and read tech magazines and surfing the net checking out stocks.  Dad allowed me to drive his sports car into Laguna and I am going to get a some coffee or something.  My I-pod got destroyed by the x-ray machine at the airport so I am going to have to go to an apple store in the mall to have it checked out.  That may tack some time.  I think it just needs to be plugged in so that it wakes up the chip and lets it to operate again.  I hope it didn't erase all my songs, that would be a waste.  I have been hoping to cruise PCH tonight so I am going to heed to caution where-ever I can (such is life).

More to come, right now I am going to read Wired Magazine.

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