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Yeah so on Saturday I did nothing.  Then Sunday came around and I wanted to fix my truck.  The mechanics at Earndhart said that the carrier bearings were destroyed and that I would need to replace them (about $700) then I was like heck no!  So I bought the carrier bearing set, which was about $78, and then I went over to my friend Daryl's place to put them in.  We took out the old bearings and put in the new ones.  When we had the whole thing put in there, we found that there was a problem with the shims; they wouldn't go in all the way!! So we took the axels off the car and put the whole differential back together.  So I was out 1 ARB locker, 1 Front 4-wheel drive and 2 days of work.  Did I mention that we didn't get it done so I had to stay over the night at Daryl's.  That wasn't putting him out but my truck was sitting in the garage in several pieces.  So then Monday rolls around and I went home at about 4:30pm and called a friend about rock climbing.  Did I mention?  I bought a harness and a carabineer for climbing mountains!  I am so excited! I then took a shower and got into my climbing clothes and went over to the PHX ROCK GYM and climbed for about an hour and a half.  That was fun because Mike, Jackie, Josh and Rick all showed up at the PRG.  We are all officers of the AOC on campus at ASU (See other blog about becoming Treasurer) and we are all climbing in the PRG.  I was amazed at how much that I was climbing, though I need a lot of practice.  I tried to climb the natural rock wall that had cracks and stuff and I couldn't pass the 10' mark and I want to learn this wall the most.  So instead I climbed the bouldering room; a couple of 5.2 and 5.3's.  I went to the rock walls and climbed the 5.7, and a 5.8 I think.  Then Josh climbed a couple 5.11's and 5.12s, which was really cool.  I think that I would like to get consistent on the rock walls with the same 5.7's and 5.8's until I get a style of climbing and then I will be able to move up to 5.9 - 5.12.  So yeah, Josh said, "You need to get into the gym and lose some weight so that you can lift yourself up when you climb." And to that I said, "yeah, I am in the gym every other day twice a day losing weight."  I think this is a good plan and I will try not to divert from it, I think that I will be able to climb better by the end of the month.  I just need to keep energized.  So then at the end of that we went to Stupid's pizza place that is next to the PRG.  I had a couple slices and everyone else had the fresh baked cookie and ice cream.  Then I got a call from Shawna and she was at the Point at S.mtn resort with two rooms!  So at 10:30 I went over there and everyone was in the pool swimming.  I then went up to the room and we sat around doing crossword puzzles with my friends and ex-presidents of the AOC Sabrina and Dan.  Meanwhile my girlfriend and sister to Sabrina was with her friend from work and another from school had been getting really excited and running around and throwing ice all over the place.  Ok, so this is fun to a point then it is excessive.  So I just sat there.  Then someone got a card game out and we decided to make it a drinking game, which was fun.  Dan was a genius with the game and kept winning until we made everyone drink while drawing more cards than the rules called for, which was also fun.  Then we stopped that game and pulled out the hide-a-bed in each couch and I went to sleep, and so did Dan and Sabrina.  Meanwhile Shawna and Alicia were running around crazy everywhere, ok to make a long story short, I slept over.  Then the next day I got up and we went to Dennys to eat breakfast, then went to the water park at the resort.  There was a lazy river, a wave pool and an 8-story slide that we used a lot.  I stayed out in the sun for 4 hours roasting my skin with no sun block.  Then we went to Shawnas dads house and had dinner, porterhouse steaks!  Then we went to The fire works which was at MCC in Mesa, and the pieces of clay and cardboard fell out of the sky at us.  They were really cool and after the works were over, it poured torrents of rain on us.  Then we went back to Shawnas dads house to hang out, that was fun then I went home.  An end to really long weekend.
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So we went to the Glendale arena to see the show, Chesney, Bently and Underwood.  We had the Suite 1206 Arizona and California Building Systems Suite.  Carrie was the opener and she put on an amazing show.  We started drinking around that time, it was 8pm.  Then Dierks Bentley came on the stage and the girls that I brought fell to pieces over him.  Their names are Shawna and Alicia.  Both of them knew all the words to all of his songs and they were signing along.  We had a really great time and started getting really hammered.  I made sure not to drink a whole lot, so I was ok.  Did you know that Dierks Bentley graduated from ASU!?  That is so cool!

Then Kenny Chesney got on a highrise out in the middle of the crowd and the stage slowly rolled forward with the band playing as he sang the first song.  Then he was carried over the crowd to the stage and started singing.  The backdrop was playing pictures of a lot of stuff from the band, it was cool.  I seriously would consider saying this is the best show of the year.  Most of his songs were about paradise and going swimming on the beach with women who like all his songs.  I think that Kenny Chesney is one of the greatest country singers I have heard, and I like his style.  I would recomend his songs and I think I will get his album. 

All thanks to Luke and AZ-CA Building Systems.  They were great hosts, they had class and provided a suite experience like no other.  They are the most hospitable people ever, they were professional and knew how to relax and still keep their professional attitude.  Luke is a great person, I would recommend him to any ladies, he's hot its great we all have a little fun sometimes!

I went to the Phoenix Rock Gymn (PRG) and I climbed up climbing walls of difficulty that I have never tried before.  The pass was $10 and the equipment was only $5.  So I got to climb up the walls and boulder there too.  The bouldering was a fun part because you could start sitting and end up climbing up the walls and have yourself parallel to the ground in some places.  The walls were of some difficulty because of the size of the holds.  You have to climb using your feet and leg mostly but I was a novice and of course tried pulling myself up, on instinct with my arms.  I got tired real easily and I was not able to climb all the way to the top.  It was challenging in some places because you have to climb only on the places with blue tape and you couldn't even touch the holds with other colored tape.  This made it really challenging and I was happy to commit.  I had a lot of fun and I would recomend the Rock Gymn to anybody that would be willing to put a couple bucks down to have a good time putting yourself to the challenge.
photo by: ahtibat17