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We were up early (again!) and organised a shuttle bus to pick us up at 6am to get to the airport.  We were going to Hawaii but we weren't sure if we had to go to the International or domestic terminal, so we got there early just in case.  Again it was raining when we left, we must have been taking the good weather with us!!

It was pretty easy checking in, we were one of the first, so we waited for our flight to Hawaii with a short one hour stop over in San Fransisco.  Bree and I then noticed that even though we had booked together and we on the same itinerary, we were seated apart, which was strange.  We hopped on the plane and were a few rows away from each other.  Both of us were in middle seats with people travelling alone, so I do not understand why we were not seated together.  I then had trouble explaining the the American air hostess that I wanted a can of coke, for some reason she couldn't understand my accent.  I eventually said, "can I please have a coca cola", she looked at me funny and then handed me the can of soft drink.  Then the american lady next to me said, "can I please have a coke?", and she was understood straight away.  Strange, considering I thought I said, "can I please have a coke?" in the same way she did, lol!

We arrived at San Fransisco at around 12pm, and our flight was scheduled for 1pm, but we soon realised our flight was delayed for a few hours, so I grabbed my phone card and started ringing people at home while Bree had a nap.  I was able to ring most people, as I knew I had to waste my phone card credit because I wouldn't be using it back at home. 

Bree was still sleeping so i went for a walk around the terminal but there wasn't much there at all, so I bought a magazine and had a bit of a read.  After all this, our gate had changed, and our flight had been delayed further.  It turns out that there was some mechanical problem with our original plane, so we had to wait for another plane coming from hawaii to come in, so we knew we at least had a 5 hour wait ahead of us.

Once Bree woke up we decided to have something to eat, and then it was pretty much a waiting game.  Bree fell asleep again, she seemed to be able to sleep anywhere nowadays, while I was still wide awake.

Our flight finally boarded at 9pm, and again Bree and I were not seated together, but luckily I was able to change our boarding passes before we hopped on the plane.  We slept most of the flight, and finally arrived at our hotel at 2am.  We were supposed to be there at 7pm.  Bree and I pretty muvh went straight to sleep.  I talked to my mum first to tell her that we had made it to Hawaii safely.

Tomorrow would be our first day in tropical paradise!


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photo by: WorldXplorer