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We got up this morning and Bubba had already gone to work.  We were leaving some of our luggage with her while we headed to Wales for 9 days to see Bree's family.  Our goal today was to head back to the Royal National Hotel and hire a car so that we could drive all week.  We caught a taxi to the Royal National because we had our luggage.  We went in to the hire car place and had alot of difficulty getting an automatic car.  Bree and I both drove automatics and we didn't feel comfortable driving a manual on roads that were unfamiliar.  So, we walked to the Imperial Hotel down the road and went into their hire place.  Some problem, only manual cars.  Apparently they don't like hiring automatic cars to people under 25 or something.  Well that sounds ridiculous to me, automatics are easier to drive!!! Oh well...

We gave up on the car thing then and walked back to the Royal National to the internet cafe to see train times and where we were to catch the train to Wales.  The next train was at 1pm at Liverpool station and we could buy our tickets when we arrived.  We caught another taxi to Liverpool station, bought our tickets which were 40 pound (I think!) and luckily, the train to Wales pulled up straight away!!  It was about a 4 hour train drive.  We were to get of at Neath where Bree's Grandfather was picking us up.

The train ride was pretty uneventful, a little full but still ok.  We arrived at Neath in the afternoon and we had to walk across the tracks to get to the street entrance.  Bree's grandfather Ray was already waiting for us.  In fact it was perfect timing because he was just about to leave for Swansea as he thought we may have gotten off at the wrong stop.

Ray then took us to his place, where I met his partner Kitty, and then he drove us around to show us some places.  He then took us to where we were going to stay for the next 9 days, and Dianne's house, which is Bree's mum's cousin,  Bree had only met her once, but she had a large house and welcomed us with open arms.

By this stage, I really wasn't feeling the best and had developed a rather bad cough.  It was alot cooler in Wales too so I am not sure if that contributed to me feeling sick.  We went to bed early tonight, we were so tired!

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