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The Rhine River

We drove to St Goar today, which is a small rural town located on the Rhine River in Germany.  It is really cute and quiet.  Located in the town is a beer stein shop, home of the world's largest beer stein.  We were given a demonstration and then were free to wander the shop.  The majority of the tour group bought a beer stein, I didn't because they were heavy and I thought it would be a waste of space in my luggage.  I do regret my decision now, because my Dad would have loved one of them. 

Bree, Liz, Julia and I then walked across to the Birkenstock shoe shop and we went a little crazy with trying on shoes and we all ended up buying a pair for 40 euro each. This was quite cheap because a girl on out tour bought a pair in London for almost 100 pound!

We were literally only in the town for 45 minutes before we hopped back on the bus and headed to our hotel.

some of the group waiting to go wine tasting
  We were told by JB to pack an overnight bag because the hotel was only small and it would be too hard to carry our luggage up the stairs.  The hotel was in another town that pretty much consisted of one street.  The rooms were really small but they were ok, and there was a pub downstairs, woohoooo!

We went down to the hall and had an included dinner again, can't remember what that was either, so it must have been pretty basic again! Then most of the group headed to our wine tasting optional.  We tried about 5 wines.  One red and the rest white.  The last one we tried, ice wine, was REALLY sweet but REALLY nice.  It is made with frozen grapes and tastes almost like syrup.  I was going to buy a bottle but was scared it would break in my bag, plus it was quite expensive because of its rarity.

We walked back to the hotel and went to the pub for a few drinks. It was really good time, and some people got a bit crazy, but it was all good! Bree and I went to bed about 1am after we helped Julia escape from this guy from our tour that was hassling her.


bree85 says:
it was the world's largest cuckoo clock, not largest beer stein
Posted on: Jun 26, 2008
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The Rhine River
The Rhine River
some of the group waiting to go wi…
some of the group waiting to go w…
apparently the largest cookoo cloc…
apparently the largest cookoo clo…
our room, pretty small but still ok
our room, pretty small but still ok
bree and I in the wine cellar, it …
bree and I in the wine cellar, it…
wine tasting
wine tasting
photo by: kimberley_wilson