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the contiki bus...back in London :(

We were up at 7am and we were supposed to be on the bus by 7.30am.  We somehow managed to make it on time and said goodbye to a few people who were staying on in Paris.  Our goal was to leave as early as possible so we could catch the early ferry across the English Channel and back to London!!! Well that plan seemed to go down the drain when a few girls slept in and didn't make it on the bus until 8am.  JB was too nice to leave anyone behind, even though he threatened it many times, and if it was me in the same position I wouldn't want to be left either!  Some people were really annoyed that we were running late because they were meeting there family in London and many people hadn't seen relatives in months.  Bree and I weren't on time restrictions so we didn't mind either way!!

Today was pretty sombre, everyone was sad and quiet, knowing that in a few hours our contiki tour would come to an end.  We stopped off at the Canadian War Memorial before heading to the first service stop.  I hadn't eaten that morning and felt really sick.  My last day on tour would be the first time I threw up on the trip!!! I think I drank some bad water in Paris.  Silly me was thirsty and decided to drink tap water.  Never again i tell you!!! Anyway, after my little chuck I felt a whole lot better and had something to eat.  What most of us Aussies were excited about as this service stop was the first place where we saw salt and vinegar chips!!! Almost every Aussie bought a packet and they were SOOOO good!!!

The rest of the afternoon was spent trying to make it to the ferry crossing.  Luckily the ferry was delayed and we were able to make it on the earlier ferry!! We got our passports stamped again and I got interrogated by the customs lady, I must look suspicious or something!!

The ferry back was a little rough, and most of us were still really tired from the night before.  A group of us sat on the lounges and talked.  We spent alot of time comparing names and sayings of things with the only 2 canadian girls on tour.  For example, canadians say flip flops, we say thongs, they say fries, we say chips... and the list goes on!!! It was good to waste the time away!  Once we were off the ferry it was only a couple of hours drive to London.  The mood was as sad as ever because no one wanted to tour to end!! Of course as we drove through England it started to rain but it seemed to stop as we pulled into the Royal National Hotel.

We got our bags and said our goodbyes to most of the group.  Some of us were going to meet up at the London Pub, which is in the Royal National Complex.  Bree and I hadn't planned any accomodation for the night, but I managed to get in contact with a family friend who said she would put us up for the night.  Her nickname was Bubba, and she was going to pick us up from the London Pub when she finished work.

Bree and I had one drink in the pub and had a chat to the few people who came down.  Liz and Julia still hadn't come down to the pub and we were worried we would miss them before leaving.  Luckily, they came to the pub ten minutes before we had to leave.  Saying goodbye to those two was really sad and I couldn't control myself, I started crying like the sook that I am :). The four of us had been inseperable for the past 3 weeks and it was sad to see them go.  Especially knowing that they lived in Melbourne and we lived in Sydney and although it wasn't too far away, it is sometimes hard to catch up with everyone's busy schedules.  It was also sad saying goodbye to but it had to be done I suppose, and there was so much for Bree and I to see.  All I can say is thank god for facebook!!

Bubba picked us up and we went back to her place which wasn't too far away.  We were really tired, so Bubba went and got us some chicken and chips and we pretty much went to bed straight away.  bree and I were sleeping head to toe on the futon, so it wasn't the best sleep, and I had begun to develop a cough almost overnight....

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the contiki bus...back in London :(
the contiki bus...back in London :(
photo by: ulysses